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Timesman | My two Presidents

The way I see it, it is business as usual for US President Donald Trump despite the move of Democrats to remove him from the White House on issues of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Before Christmas last year, he was impeached by the House of Representatives. Last week, the historic impeachment trial in the US started with both Republicans and Democrats clashed over calling witnesses and demanding White House documents.
But Trump, who is set to announce his reelection bid, seemed confident that he’ll win his case and the American people will still give him another term.

I, for one may vote for him if ever I decided to return to the US next month.
On Wednesday last week, he and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He signed the first phase of a trade pact between the two countries which included the commitment of Beijing to buy more US products while Washington retracted additional tariffs on Chinese.
The US-China trade deal also hopes to ease trade tensions between the two powerful countries and improve the global trade growth.

A president who is facing removal from office may no longer think of hosting gatherings, like the US-ASEAN summit. Bahala na kayo, unahin ko muna sarili ko!
But not President Trump who continues to go on like nothing is happening, despite the threats to his presidency. That’s my President!

Back to our country, according to presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo, President Duterte and Trump have the same “style” of leadership, which is why they share respect for each other.

Duterte is among those invited by Trump to attend the US-ASEAN summit. Panelo said the US President has repeatedly invited Duterte to the US since April 2017.

It is now clear to everyone that President Duterte will not attend the summit in Las Vegas, Nevada after he announced on television that he cannot forget the interference of then President Obama on his relentless drive against illegal drugs.

But since the US-ASEAN Summit Meeting on March 14 more than a month away yet, there is still much time for the President to reconsider his position on the invitation as three legislators have encouraged him to attend the meeting to bolster the country’s standing as well as for him to clarify the issues raised by some US senators and cancellation of Sen. Ronald dela Rosa’s US visa because of his alleged involvement in extrajudicial killings.

I agree that the President must reconsider his position only if he is still fit to travel as he has been saying that his health could no longer sustain the long flight, the same reason why I am still here and not in the US.

But recent developments shows hope that the President trip’s to the US is making a headway after someone posted on her Facebook that Mayor Inday Sara is in the US at present after being invited by the US State Department.

The post says: “Ambassador Jose Manuel Rodriguez led Embassy personnel in welcoming fellow public servants from the cities of Davao and Zamboanga, headed by remarkable women mayors Sara Duterte and Beng Climaco, who are in the United States for the project “Strong Cities, Strong Partnerships: A Comprehensive Approached to Preventing Terrorism in Southeast Asia” under the auspices of the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US Department of State.”

Inday Sara’s presence in US may just be a coincidence. The way I read it, her US visit is not only to attend the program, but maybe to assess whether it is safe for the President also visit the country.

Happy weekend, readers!

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