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Señor Moments | AdD H.S. Class ’61 homecoming

This is Grand Homecoming Weekend for my brother Tato’s AdD HS ’61 batchmates. Their first event was Friday, Jan 24 hosted by Gary & Gladys Tiongco at their Samal beach resort, Sonrisa, beside the Blue Jazz resort, half of which they have also bought. Their happening was enlivened by a 4-piece band plus classmate Neil Dalumpines at the keyboard. Classmates came from the U.S. (Barge Baltazar, Houston and Frederick Lee, Las Vegas), Manila (Lope Louviengco, Frank Regis, Ret Cleo Erfe) – and of course Davao. HS Class ’60 “Gate-Crashers” Wee Lito Lovenzana, Gus Dacudao, Ken Angele and I. A sumptous Lunch was prepared by the Sonrisa staff. Singing was highlighted by the “Elderly Sisters”- Lilian Lim-Robillo, Gladys Tiongco, Fe Dacudao; by Lito Lorenzana (who did not need a mike!), by Barge Baltazar’s “Always on my Mind,” and ex-judge Dodong Robillo. A great, great time for everyone!

On Saturday, Jan 25, was the biggie-a class night at Marco Polo hosted by Sonny and Ball Andrews Dominguez. In past MP dinners, their most exalted classmate PRRD A.K.A. “Dut” attended- but we’re not sure this evening since he is very busy -“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!”. With or without him, we’re sure to have fun, fun, fun.


PRRD, to everyone’s delight, joined the class reunion at about 10pm and talked on the podium until about 11 PM. In his ad-lib talk, he again reiterated – like a broken record – his anger, disgust and threats against AYALA, M.V. Pangilinan about the “ONEROUS” Water Concessionaire Contract – and against Sid Consunji about the earthquake – damaged and condemned condo developments in Davao constructed by DMCI. Nothing new – we’ve heard all these on National TV. PRRD looks very tired – and at his age and mine it’s no wonder. God help him.

I think PRRD should be cursing and threatening the gov’t officials who crafted and approved the contracts- Fidel Ramos And Gloria M. Arroyo.

A de D HS ’56/HS 60 60th ANNIVERSARY

2020 is a special milestone for my classmates: our 60th Anniversary.
Since we are all on our mid-70s, it’s special since we may not be around in our next 60th! So we’re planning a major, major happening in each quarter to add to our weekly, every-Wednesday “kapehan.” In the 1st quarter, we’re going Samal island-hopping on March 7. In the next 3 quarters, visits to Boracay, Bacolod, Manila are planned. Our culminating event will be in Davao sometimes in December. We are all planning and looking forward to these events.

Among My “Live” classmates are: Lito Lorenzana, Ken Angeles, Toti Morales, Ben de Guzman, Pribhu Balchand, Boy Gomez, Romy Espaldon, Alvin Bahista, Romy Butiu, Franklin Demonteverde, Danny Tiongco, Ting Valdez, Benny Hilario, Rey Vicente, Ochie Teoxon, Alex Nidea, Mac Cabonce, Philip Quimpo, Yoly Salazar, Mar Ong Ante, Sammy Lutz, Flor Dizon, Jaime San Agustin, Arnulf Suela, Alex Nidea, Mon Anima, Nick Alcantara, Mario Jamora, Ruben de la Serna, Norm Belen, Noel Dalumpines, Bob Bajentina, Boy Tan, Dom Penido, Jack Poromal, Flor Lising, and Art Perez.
Others are Alive But “Missing-in-Action” thus, I don’t remember them. “Adopted” classmate are: Vic Mabunay, Nonoy Morada, and Charlie Cutler.


I was having coffee with a Davao friend who’s visiting our country after more than 50 years abroad in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. He was asking me several tough questions based on his observations – which I have to admit I had no good answers for.

1. Why do Filipino guys urinate on walls in public places (streets, sidewalks, building sides)?
2. Why are Canals and Esteros full of trash, garbage? Why are these “Open”?
3. What happened to Times Beach, Talomo Beach and Punta Dumalag – so dirty with people living on the shoreline? Can’t zoning laws control informal settlers and squatters?
4. Why do people cross streets (i.e.”jaywalk”) whenever they want to? Why aren’t they arrested?
5. Why are our streets and sidewalks especially in Juna Subdivision full of trash and plastic garbage?
6. Why do Septic Tank Cleaning Firms dump the waste into open canals in Juna?
7. Why do jeepneys stop in the middle of the street to disembark or load passengers?

Please help me answer my friend’s questions.
My answers are more embarrassing than my friend’s questions.


We just joined this organization and are excited about being a part of a group that could make Davao a major tourist destination by helping preserve heritage sites. Too bad, we’re too late to save the iconic court of 1st Instance building – the home of Nanay Soling’s pet project: Museo Dabawenyo. While this will be a new P100 million museum planned, the CFI building should have been re-purposed rather than demolished! We’re counting on the leadership of Councilor Pilar Braga assisted by Ms. Julieta Torres to ensure that Davao’s historical heritage is preserved for future generations.

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