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The underrated sleep

During 1980s through the ‘90s, studies about reducing sleep came out. Those types of researches posit that sleep is only something that our minds have been programmed to do. It also says that there must be a way to reduce sleep, if not eliminate it, because time is better spent working than just lying in bed, with eyes closed, doing nothing.

One book about climbing the success ladder stated that to make more time productive, a career person should train the body to getting just four hours of sleep instead of full eight hours. It even said that there are little changes, but can easily be coped with by the physical body, when you start sleeping less.

Later, studies to debunk the idea of less sleep came out more extensively. It is now popularly established how lack of sleep has been causing high risk of heart attack, strokes, and even road accidents. In my case, I have closely observed how children who lack sleep become rowdy and aggressive with their playmates in school. There are also times when lack of sleep manifest in lack of interest and low energy.

In her book, Sleep – an unobserved element in education, Audrey McAllen stresses that behind the veil of consciousness, forces of a spiritual nature are at work. Now, we understand that sleep goes far beyond the physical necessity. It has more to do with our will and emotional wellbeing. In the olden days when there were no electrical gadgets around, the human beings sleep as early as when the sun goes down and wakes when the sun is up. We have heard of stories about angels appearing in dreams. It can be found in the bible many times, like with the Three Wise Men were told by an angel not to go back to King Herod, with Joseph The Dreamer, and with Joseph the husband of Mary. Have you experienced how you wake up feeling lighter after going to sleep with a heavy heart?

Rudolf Steiner has emphasized in his book An Outline to Esoteric Science that it is during sleep the Archangels come to help us, healing and taking care of the life forces (or the etheric body) throughout the night while we are unconscious.

Now, with the noise and all the technology, we have lost a lot of quality sleep and it has an unnerving effect on our senses. Most especially to our children. So, what do we do for us to be able to sleep well and really afford a quality sleep for us and for our children? Here are few, but helpful tips:

1. Sleep early. For children, 6:30 p.m. up to 7:30 p.m. is the best time. For adults, not later than 10 p.m. As my dermatologist had said, sleep after 12 midnight is already called “puyat.”

2. Storytelling. If you are to tell a story before sleep, find a beautiful story. One that you feel is right for them at their age.

3. Sleep in a pitch-black room. Turn of the lights, your child will get used to it soon.

4. No gadgets inside the bedroom. Time for sleep is time for sleep. It should not be used as time for gadgets while adults send the children to sleep.

5. Gratitude. Before you sleep say thank you for the day and all that goes with the day.

Have a great sleep!

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