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Close to Home | Healing with water

A few years ago, I was looking for ways to heal emotional wounds or, as others call it, subconscious pain, I read a lot of articles and write up pertaining to it. As the tenet goes, “Knock and it shall be opened,” my search led me to the healing capacities of water. We have learned that water heals the body but what I read posited more than that.

Masaru Emoto (22 July 1943 – 17 October 2014), a Japanese scientist who devoted his life in research about water. He said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His most famous experiment was labeling two different containers filled with water with “Arigatou (Thank You)” and “Baka soru (You’re stupid).” When seen in a microscope, the image were stunning. “Arigatou” showed beautiful crystal formations with intricate designs. “Baka soru” on the other hand, showed an in-congruent pattern.

Emoto took his research farther, placing two opposite words on two different containers. The results were consistent; positive words give out beautiful crystal formations and negative ones show imbalanced and in-congruent forms. It’s interesting to note, Mother Theresa had such intricate formations while Adolf Hitler showed a stunted form!

This results led Emoto to declare that gratitude is the key. According to him, the physical body of a human being is made up of 70% water, this means that we must also say kind words to ourselves and to those around us because we absorb the vibrations of the words, whether we like it or not. While Emoto had detractors in Japan who accuse him false claim but have nothing to show for their arguments, Dr. Gerald Pollack of University of Washington supported Emoto’s claims.

In one of the many personal development seminars I attended, they encourage the participants to drink water before bed time but before taking it in, you must tell your dreams and aspirations to it. Another Hawaiian healing technique (Ho’opono’pono) that involved water, called Blue Solar Water, encourages putting water on a blue glass container and letting under the morning sun for, at least, one hour before drinking it. The container should not have metal covers, but wooden or plastic covers are preferred. This technique is said to heal subconscious wounds if you declare your healing intentions before drinking it.

Is it true?

Well. When I tried it, I had nothing left to lose. Some of my most painful memories during childhood led me to depression and lack of zeal in life. I remember praying to God to take away the pains that I had been harboring because I wanted my life back; and that was the time I encountered these things. Truly, the Divine gives answers in countless ways. It always lead me to the question, what have you got to lose if you try it?

For about three months, I kept on drinking Blue Solar Water, holding in my thoughts gratitude and intention to release the resentment and pain. Then I woke up one day without the heaviness in my heart and I felt like I can love again like I have not been hurt before. I am sharing this because somebody might read this and get help from this. Anyone can do this for free, at no extra cost, except your healing thoughts.

Two things that are very significant in this topic about healing with water. First, our words. We must choose our words wisely, whether it’s our self talk or the way we talk to others. Ancient words ring true, “There is life and death in the power of the tongue.” Second, water. It is the most selfless element on Earth. It doesn’t have form and it can seamlessly adapt to colors, smell, and taste. What we set forth in water can be translated easily to our bodies. We ought to bear in mind what Emoto had (re)discovered in his lifetime: that since we humans are made up of 70% water, we ought to choose our words wisely because we receive the vibrations and it gets manifested in our body.

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