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Wanderlust | Keeping fit with the beat

Indoor cycling is both a body and mental exercise.

Another year, another set of New Year’s resolutions. For those who desire to enroll in a gym and lose the weight that he or she has gained from the entire year only means one thing: last year’s New Year’s resolution didn’t work.

Some people just find working out in a gym a tedious regimen, taking it as chore than a commitment. I used to have the same sentiment until it finally hit me that exercising is not just a fancy pastime but a favor that we do to our body and our self-esteem. However, to make it work, we have to make exercise as fun and as exciting as looking forward to a buffet on a payday, so to speak.

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One of the many ways of making working out a fun activity is to look for, well, fun ways of doing it. Just recently, BeatsCycle, a one-of-its-kind boutique fitness center opened in Gaisano Grand Citygate Mall in Buhangin.

“BeatsCycle Davao is actually an indoor cycling studio, dedicated to help Dabawenyos achieve their fitness goals by doing moves while spinning on a stationary bike,” said owner Kat Dalisay. She owns the business along with some of her close friends “who invested in her vision.”

BeatsCycle’s young and athletic team of coaches

Dalisay, who has doing indoor cycling since 2014, came up with the idea of opening a fitness center solely for such after trying indoor cycling classes in Manila and Cebu.

“I’ve always been in search of the right vibe and ways of teaching the exercise. The time seems perfect as well as Davao seems hungry for new, healthy ideas, especially after the partying era,” she shared. Dalisay was also the brain behind the many successful party events in the city in the last 10 years or so.

A one-hour session can burn up to 850 calories.

So, how does BeatsCycle work?

“We ride to the beat of the songs, incorporating sprints, jogs, choreography, even push-ups, squats and other drills. We do all these in a room with loud, rousing club music replete with colorful lights. It’s like partying but in a healthy way,” Dalisay explained.

In between stationary cycling, they also render a five to seven minute weights session. The entire one hour huddle is guaranteed to burn up to 850 calories. BeatsCycle is backed by 12 indoor cycling coaches.
To make indoor cycling more exciting, they also do themed rides, tandem rides and other variations.

Indoor spinning also encourages friendship among riders.

Indoor cycling is good for mental health, too. According to studies, indoor cycling allows the physical exertion to become a catharsis for releasing pent-up emotions. Mental discipline can also be developed through various routines. It’s also a social activity as one can gain more friends after meeting fellow “riders” each session.

“If you’re bored with your routine, or having a plateau in your weight loss program, or just want to try something new. At BeatsCycle, we won’t only help you achieve your body goals, but also help you become a better person,” she added.

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