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Timesman | Ignorant drivers

I do not know if I must congratulate the city government for meeting its target of P121-K collections in the first three days of its implementation of the parking fee ordinance in some selected city streets or admonish its implementers for allowing some motorists to disregard the ordinance and get away with it.

Maybe, I will go for both.

City Treasurer’s Office OIC Atty. Laurence Batinding said his office put some personnel (on the streets) to issue tickets so that car owners or drivers can pay directly and need not pay to the office of the CTO anymore.


But the City Transport and Traffic Management Office noted that some vehicle owners refused to pay parking fees due to ignorance of the law.

“I told our enforcers that they should not fight with those who are not aware of the law, instead they just have to note the car’s plate number and tell the driver to go our office,” CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude said.

Abude’s advice to his men is to avoid direct confrontation with the “ignorant” drivers. I agree with him. But it may also be interpreted by some observers as a sign of cowardice on the part of the law enforcers to enforce the law.

Or they may be accused also of not knowing the law for not properly implementing it.

This corner, particularly the TIMES and other media outlets, were consistent in disseminating information to the public as well as motorists ever since the ordinance was passed in 2013, implemented for few months, and then suspended after corruption of some CTO personnel was discovered.

The CTTMO announced last year that the parking fee ordinance will be re-implemented first week of January this year with some amendment on the original ordinance particularly on fees and other penalties, and designated streets where the parking fees will be imposed.

I think seven years of preparation by the city for the public and motorists to be informed of the parking fee law is too long for an ordinary man of the street not to know or remember a simple law. Unless, luko-luko ang tao and to those who pretended to be one! No comment ako then.

But allowing some motorists not to pay parking fees for reason of being “ignorant” is I think not an excuse in a court of law as “Ignorance of the law, excuses no one.”

And besides, by not allowing others to pay is also unfair for those like us who religiously pay parking fees and abide by other laws in the city. Ano sila nakakalalaki?

If the CTO and CTTMO will take note of our observation, maybe the parking fee collections will be doubled in the coming days!


I am beginning to miss eating my favorite merienda of goto, tokwa-baboy and sariwang lumpia at Dencia’s restaurant along Juan Luna Street facing a big mall ever since the city implemented the parking fee ordinance last week.

The iconic restaurant is noted for these Filipino favorites. That’s why even if I’m now residing on the north-side of the city, about 8 kilometers away from Dencia, I continuously patronize the place for the merienda.

Juan Luna is among the more or less 23 busy designated areas covered by the parking fee ordinance.

While I share P5 or P10 to watch-your-car boy, every time Jin Lorenz and I park on one side of the road to eat at the restaurant, this is for unlimited time. And besides, nakakatulong pa ako sa mahirap kahit papaano.

But paying P20 for the first one hour and P10 for succeeding hour as parking fee seems an additional drain in the pocket for this senior citizen who has limited income. Hindi pa tayo naka sisiguro na di makokorakot nanaman ang koleksiyon!

Anyway I’m just sharing my sentiment to other customers of the restaurant. Depended na lang sa iba kung makikinig!


Today, January 9, is the feast of my Patron Black Nazareth all over the country.

Happy birthday to my son, Jojo on January 11!

May you have a happy and safe weekend, readers!

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