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Editorial | Parking woes

Like most modern human endeavor, parking problems can be summarized as the gap between the supply of parking spaces and the demand of vehicles needing to park. Over the past two decades, the city has witnessed a keen demand for parking spaces as economic activities increased in sync with population growth. Rapid urbanization has simply shrunk spaces for parking.

This aberration, if we can call it that, is not only felt in Davao City but in almost all cities experiencing tremendous economic growth. Some cities may have installed mechanisms way before the boom came but many may have underestimated the growth catapult in their development master plan.

The abysmal spaces for parking in the city have become a pain for all especially affecting the ease of doing business. Without parking buildings or not enough parking spaces in commercial buildings, everyone – not only those who own vehicles – are inconvenienced. Pedestrians are sometimes forced to walk perilously on the street itself as vehicles are parked or even double parked (in the case of Anda street), not to mention the non-existent sidewalk.

Since the beginning of the year, the City Transport and Traffic Management Office has beta implemented the Pay Parking Ordinance and this early, they have seen some areas that need tweaking as suggested by businessmen.

While we believe the city should by all means implement the parking ordinance, the High Priority Bus System should also be fast tracked. Apart from the bus system which we all look forward to this year, a massive information and education drive has to be relentlessly pursued so that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in helping ease the traffic .

Surely, this is part of Mayor Sara Duterte’s plea for all Davaoenos to take an active part in making our city a better place to live in.

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