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City to fine-tune enforcement of Pay Parking Ordinance – CTTMO

The City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) continues to assess the pilot implementation of the Pay Parking Ordinance.

According to Dionisio Abude, the CTTMO chief, some business owners have complained about the parking areas in front of their establishments.

“There are parking slots that were placed in some of the big establishments and banks, and it needs to be adjusted,” he said. “It is just a minimal problem that has a solution. We just need to relocate them,” he said.

“There was already a bank officer who approached me and asked if the bike racks should be relocated, and instead, a parking area for a four-wheeled vehicle should be placed in their vicinity. I said, no problem, we can adjust that,” he said.’

He also said that personnel who are tasked to watch over the parking zones should also adjust to observe synchronization, as it is a crucial element for the success of the implementation.

Abude also said that government employees who park in the public parking zones are not exempted from payment.

“It is not indicated in the traffic code that government employees should not be asked for the pay parking payment,” he said.

Exempted vehicles for the pay parking zones are Central 911 ambulances, police mobile units, fire trucks, and emergency responders.

Abude also said they will give a five-minute allowance for dropping off or picking up passengers or things. If they exceed the time, they will be asked to pay the minimal fee for the first two hours of parking.

Parking in illegal spaces and failing to settle the fees shall be considered as violations. Violators shall be issued a ticket and pay P500. The Traffic Code cited that if a car owner has not settled their parking fees, their vehicles can be towed by the CTTMO.

He also said that every parking area is manned by a special operation team. Part of their task is to refer all concerns to CTTMO personnel so they can be addressed.

The parking zones are part of City Ordinance No. 052, Series of 2013, which amended Ordinance No. 153-A, Series of 1990, entitled “An Ordinance imposing Parking Fees on all vehicle owners/drivers for using certain streets in Davao City as Parking Spaces and for other purposes.”

For trucks and buses, a fee of P100 will be imposed for the first two hours and P20 for the succeeding hours. For light vehicles, there will be a fee of P20 for the first two hours and P10 for the succeeding hours.

For motorcycles, a P5 fee will be imposed for the first two hours and P1 every succeeding hours and for the bicycle, there will be a P2 fee for the first two hours and P1 for every succeeding hours.

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