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Señor Moments | U.S. intrusion into PH sovereignty

The U.S. gov’t and the U.S. senate have no right to intrude into our country’s sovereignty and influence our judicial process on the cases of Sen. De Lima and Rappler’s Ressa. And they’re justifying this intrusion because they claim the PH gov’t and its officials are VIOLATING their HUMAN RIGHTS. The U.S. has no MORAL ASCENDANCY to talk about human rights because it is arguably the worst human rights violator in the world. The human rights of its black citizens have been violated since the slavery days of Thomas Jefferson, the days of Martin Luther King – and violations continue today. The U.S. is today’s mass-killing capital of the world thanks to their constitution’s “right to bear arms- AR15, AK47’s, etc.” Who’s defending the H.R. violations of the 200+ shooting victims in 2019 alone? And the U.S. has the worst record of INTRUDING in other countries (Iraq- Gen. Soleimani killing; Nicaragua’s Noriega; Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, PH’s Marcos, and the immigrant children separated from their parents).

So for every PH gov’t official that’s denied a U.S. visa, let’s ban the equivalent officials. But let’s NOT include the U.S. citizens with dual citizenships, or the balik-bayans. Because if we do, we’ll just be as BAD as them.


Pope Francis recently declared the lifting of the “VATICAN SECRECY” about clergy’s sexual misconducts against minor boys and many altar boys. Over the centuries, these “STATUTORY RAPES” were reported only to the bishops (instead of the police) – thus these crimes were hidden to PROTECT the bishop and his diocese. So the pope has taken a POSITIVE step to restoring the credibility of the church. Another way would be to re-consider cancelling the vow of CELIBACY – after all the apostles, St. Joseph – and possibly even Christ himself were NOT celibate. Another way is to carefully VET the seminarians before they are ordained.

Here’s a story by one of my EX-seminarian friends. In their “FINAL test” before ordination, the 10 seniors were asked to go to a room. The Fr. Superior asked them to take off all their clothes, kneel, and pray. In front of each of them was a tiny bell attached to a red ribbon. Then, Fr. Superior told them to attach the bell, well, to their manhood – close their eyes and at the count of 3, to open them. So at “3”, all of them opened their eyes to watch a GORGEOUS naked girl walk into the room! One bell ran – my friend’s… so he was asked to leave the room for he had FAILED. As my friend stood up, he inadvertently exposed his butt. 9 bells rang loud. So, that’s how the latent pedophiles should be vetted.


For “SYNDICATED ESTAFA” and/or “ECONOMIC SABOTAGE” according to PRRD. Ramos. His SOL-GEN and finance minister and their lawyers should likewise be jailed for preparing the NOW-ONEROUS contract which they practically SWEETENED to get Ayala and Pangilinan to sign. And why not also jail GMA and her officials for EXTENDING the contract to 2037. Throw GMA in the same cell as the AMPATUANS.

Some common sense should prevail here.


Congress has the sole power to renew or cancel the ABS-CBN franchise. So why is PRRD MEDDLING? It’s unconstitutional. Be real.
Then sell it… one candidate is Davao’s own Dennis Uy who’s branching out (what, again?).

While PRRD is rightly pissed off at ABS-CBN for not broadcasting his political ads, not renewing the franchise is punishment out-of-proportion to the misdeed. Again, common sense is needed.


One does not have to go downtown anymore to go to a restaurant. There are many excellent restos in Juna and in our Matina neighborhood. Of course, there’s SM Ecoland and Felcris-Centrale. But just in Juna, we have some very fine restaurants – with ample parking to name a few:

1. SWISS DELI- we have breakfast there every day, 7:30-9:30. Excellent coffee, Filipino and European dishes + they have NEWSPAPERS.
2. BESO- fine-dining of Yellow Fin, Sammy Angeles is the chef, very comfortable dining area.
3. 1953/Tsuru/Hanoi- 3 cuisines in 1 place of Rey & Neneng Robillo-de la Paz. Love their Halo-halo in a buko.
4. LAUT SEAFOOD PALACE @ The Blue Lotus Hoteel. Malaysian-Chinese seafood.
5. LARA MIA- Italian resto. Wood-fired pizza oven.
6. YELLOW FIN- Filipino cuisine. The “original” resto of Ken & Vangie Angeles. Now a chain.
7. 6th REPUBLIC- coffee and pizza, just opened.

There are many more – but I’m just listing the ones I go to frequently.

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