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Tabula Rasa | A new decade, a new vision

Greetings to all!

What a great opportunity to explore life with art in a new decade, in another colorful and exciting 10 years.

This story appeared on Page 10 of the January 4, 2020 issue of Mindanao Times. Click on the image to download or subscribe.

Let’s start the year by asking 20 random questions to raise our personal vision and list down goals for the next ten years.

The following questions will encourage us to prepare goals in the field of visual arts whether you are professional artists, hobbyists, art lovers of collectors.

In the next 10 years:
1) What art skill level do you want to attain?
2) From whom would you want to learn more to develop your art skill?
3) Who would you study or work with to develop your art skills?
4) What sets of colors do you want to focus on?
5) What art group or groups will you join?
6) Are you going to try sculpture?
7) Are you going to enroll in a Fine Art course?
8) Are you going to start an art business?
9) How many solo exhibits are you going to hold?
10) How many group exhibits are you going to join?
11) How many art pieces are you going to produce?
12) How many murals are you going to create?
13) Are you going to learn design?
14) What places are you going to visit to enlarge your knowledge in art?
15) What art books are you going to read and learn from?
16) What new art materials are you going to try?
17) What subjects do you want to have for your next art pieces?
18) Who among the masters are you going to study?
19) Who among the Davao artists would you like to learn from?
20) Who will you pass on your art skills and knowledge?

You may add more questions to this list. Hopefully this will help you be excited to pursue your dreams to be a better artist or art lover. We look forward to see your master pieces that will excite every viewer. Happy new year 2020! Happy new decade!!

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