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Señor Moments | Meet 2 artists: Martin & Josh

Martin Geuzendam is a VISUAL ARTIST from the Netherlands while Josh Worsley is a PERFORMANCE artist – the son of a visual artist, Anne of the Bai Hinang Art Group.

1. I met Martin when my group, Tabula Rasa and Martin mentored the PWD members of the D. Sipaco foundation. Martin’s wife is Dayenne Sipaco, who heads the foundation with her mother. Martin and Dayenne live in Holland – but are visiting here for the holidays.

“Asking more Questions”

I’m a – since long – bachelor graduate from Fine Art Academy AKI (now ArtEZ) at Enschede, Netherlands and did a 2 year Fine Art pre-school before that.

One of the first things we got taught was to not label any work “beautiful” nor “ugly”. As there is no such thing and such judgement would be deeply limiting. “Ugly” too, is in the eye of the beholder.

We rather ask questions. What has a work to say us? What does it do? How does it relate and communicate with its surroundings? And also: Why do you actually make this work? But also: getting more “physical” with one’s work (both in expression and materials) and get into the process.

We got, for instance, challenged to draw or paint “light” in order to seek approaches that go beyond the surface-level. Being encouraged to be experimental in use of materials, expression, etc.

Also as viewer we can ask more questions. We look, undergo… perhaps thousands upon thousands pieces of art, images, paintings, sculptures, mixed-media, installations, etc. But what are we really looking for?! What’s the motivation to see, (trying to) make contact with and experience those works? What is it >> in essence << that we want to share in as public, of what is being presented to the public by the artists?

Peeling all these layers that are beyond the artworks, the artist motivations and the motivations of the people watching it as “public”, can help to find (y)our (inner) search of meaning and destination of life and answers to life’s many questions.

What questions have you asked yourself when you visit an exhibition or just get to see artworks?

— Martin Geuzendam (1977), married with Dayenne Sipaco from Davao City.

2. We featured Anne last week, so I’m writing about her 14-year old son’s budding career as a PERFORMANCE artist.

Josh Andrew Worsley

Josh Andrew Worsley, or simply “Josh”, is known to many as the “Little Prince of Davao” and the
youngest housemate of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. As young as he is, his irresistible charm has captured the hearts of his fans and supporters ever since he auditioned for ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Davao region leg. His motivation in joining the Pinoy version of the international reality TV show is his desire to explore new things and gain new experiences. Being exposed to different environments also has a lot to do with it. Overall, PBB became a good training ground for him where he got invaluable life lessons.

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to a British Father and a Filipina mother, Josh has two lovely brothers as well, Steven and Jake. Worsley Family lives in Island Garden City of Samal, two kilometres away from Davao City.

Unknown to some, this Filipino-British charmer is quite sporty and adventurous, too. The sports he loves include motorbiking, soccer, diving, archery and karate. In fact, as young as eight years old, he already won gold medals for playing karate and these are displayed in his room as a reminder for him to keep trying harder in everything he does.

Motorbiking is also a form of father-and-son bonding for Josh. With his businessman dad, Andrew, they ride their motorbikes on the rough roads and slopes of Samal during their free time from school, work or business. When his family first moved to the Philippines from Dubai, Josh already fell in love with the place as it allows him to unleash his daredevil side alongside his father. When Josh is being hyper, it is only natural for her mom to be worried about him, but he always reassures her and says, “It’s okay, mom, don’t worry.”

Trampoline jumping is also Josh’s thing. He can be seen sometimes doing impressive trampoline tricks at his family owned Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park located at Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City. He treats the trampoline crew there as his buddies and “kuya’s” who taught him how to do twists and back flips for the first time until now that he is already so good at it.
In his leisure time, Josh finds pleasure in malling, hanging out with close friends and cousins, and singing.

His vocal coach and favorite singing partner is his beautiful Filipina mom, Mary Anne, who is also a member of Bai Hinang art group composed of Dabawenya women visual artists. With her mom’s singing prowess, Josh sure is on his way to becoming a balladeer someday who will melt ladies’ hearts with every song.

At home, he likes to play loud pop music and make funky dance moves. He also loves to play mobile games with his brothers and cousins. To those who play Mobile Legends, you can talk to Josh on anything about the game because he is one avid gamer, too. Aside from that, he also loves watching movies and is fanatic of The Avengers. He likes anything superhero, horror, comedy, and musical movies.

Despite his busy schedule sometimes, Josh still gives a high regard for his studies and sees to it that he completes assignments and studies his lessons. The 14-year-old rising star is a Grade 8 student at Jose Maria College, Davao City. When asked about his dreams or what he wants to become one day, Josh is certain that he wants to be a celebrity. He wants to pursue a career being an actor and singer.

Even though he is still young, Josh already values his fans and supporters so he makes sure to have time to connect to them by messaging them from time to time. It is also his simple way of expressing his gratitude to them for their friendship and support since the beginning.

Josh is also fond of vlogging because through this he can express his naturally amiable and playful side. His official Youtube channel is Josh Andrew Worsley. Be sure to subscribe to his channel to be the first to watch his pranks and random challenges, the behind-the-scenes documentation of his mall shows and activities, and to also catch a glimpse of what Josh is behind the spotlight.

His recent show was during the Kalimudan Festival in Sultan Kudarat where he enjoyed a warm welcome from his fans and supporters.

It is still a long way to go for our Little Prince of Davao, but with his exuding charisma, positive outlook in life and humble attitude, he will definitely create a big name of his own in the near future–one step at a time.

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