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Timesman | Panelo, the singer!

I ONLY have but kind words for presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo in this issue not because it’s Christmas but because last Sunday he was able to uncover the weakness in me.

So I decided to smoke the peace pipe with him although I haven’t had quarreled with but maybe just differences in views on politics.
I thought he’s only good as a mouthpiece for Malacanang whenever President Duterte is being criticized by critics for the latter’s action. I was wrong. He also has his ‘kiliti’ as mine. Singer din pala siya!

While preparing our lunch consisting of ginisang upo with giniling na karne and pritong talong with eggs last Sunday in the house, I heard his name was called to sing a Christmas song hosted by guitarist RJ in the latter’s Sunday Jam program on television.

I immediately turned off the switch of our electric burner while at the middle of my cooking even if the food was not cooked yet, and then rushed to sit in front of the television in the sala to see how the presidential spokesperson would perform on television as entertainer for a crowd mostly of senior citizens and elites of the Imperial City in attendance.

I was carried away with his low-tone voice while listening to his rendition of ‘Silver Bell’ and another blockbuster song as finale, ‘Together’, both he sang with combination of Filipino lyrics at the delight of the audience.
Bravo, is what my reaction to both songs even if he didn’t see me then.

I hope many Davaoenos were able to watch him on television that morning no longer badmouthing the opposition but rendering meaningful Christmas song and undying love song of yesteryears.

Panelo’s singing skill is fantastic for his age. If I am not mistaken, he’s 74, also the age of his boss. He sings professionally and if ever he will leave his present post now he can still find place in the entertainment world that is if he will not go back to practicing of his profession. Panelo is a lawyer.

Napa believe niya ako this time.

First time I heard him sing in public. Maybe, one of these days, we will still meet at videoke in the city now that I know he too is into singing for relaxation, away from the maddening crowd of politics in Manila.

Okay, tatapusin ko muna ang pagluluto ko!


Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa seems in a quandary lately after the US Embassy in Manila allegedly cancelled his visa and banned him from entering the country for reason that he was involved in extrajudicial killings in the city during his stint as chief of the Philippine National Police.

In an editorial of a national paper Inquirer of December 21 issue, Dela Rosa was quoted as saying, the United States must have heard wrong, he insisted. If it’s true “that the basis of the cancellation is the involvement in EJK (extrajudicial killings), well they are very biased, they are misinformed, they are misinformed by their informants.”

If the unconfirmed report is true, then it is not only the Senator who is in trouble of travel visa to the United States but as well as those suspected of involvement in the EJK, including President Duterte!

Hindi ka parin nag-iisa, Senador!


Speaking of travel visa, I received my travel document issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services months ago for a return trip to US while being here as a balikbayan for 300 days that will end on Feb. 14, 2020 yet.

The travel document will lose its legality to holders if they found “to have been convicted of or admit having committed a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude either before or after entering the United States; Other criminal, immoral, insane, mentally, or physically defective aliens; and those aliens determined to have a communicable disease of public significant.”

I don’t have any of the above mentioned violations or disease that may cause the cancellation of my travel abroad. Meaning, I can go anytime I want to travel to US.

But how come Senator Bato dela Rosa, who I believe is only a suspect as a perpetrator of the EJK and never been charged in court, is banned from entering the US? Ay, ambot sa uk-uk!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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