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Good Samaritans: Mr. Edwin Go and Dr. Lea Go

The Philippines is a Christian country with a special love for family and a great sense of bonding. Family is the center of human society and the source of health, happiness, and holiness. We all cherish most loving memories and eternal values from our families.

This story appeared on Page 10 of the December 24, 25, and 26 issue of Mindanao Times. Click on the photo to download a copy.

Hence, it’s the duty of everyone to protect purity of faith, unconditional love, and noble character that we receive in our families from the womb to the tomb. Inspired by this noble task, Ave Maria Holy Family members have humbly taken up the ministry of helping and healing families.

Generosity is dearer to God. It’s a beacon of hope to the needy and a guiding star to the families. We, Ave Maria Holy Family members are blessed to find Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Lea Go as the most generous people. By sharing their time, talent and treasure with twenty-two parishes by installing family prayers on granite stones, they shine as good Samaritans. As a couple and a family, they are an inspiration to the Christian community. In fact, we can humbly say that they are the pride of Davao.

When Ave Maria Holy Family members are given these miraculous prayers to find a soul mate for the sacrament of marriage and to conceive loving children, Mr. Edwin and Dr. Lea Go volunteered to help. These prayers and the biblical inspirations were inscribed on six granite stones (3×1.5 ft each). some of the stones came from India with inscribed prayers and other stones were shipped from China and prayers were carved in Davao.

Constructing each set of stones cost about fifty thousand (50,000) Pesos. For each parish, each set of six granite stones of prayers was donated to the joy of the priests and the parishioners. God bless the priests and the Ave Maria Holy Family Members to the joy of thousands of believers.

Mr. Edwin Go being an engineer, sent his workers to each parish to build a beautiful frame for the stones. He personally supervised the completion of the work with his dear wife and three loving children. He is also blessed with an artistic wife Dr. Lea Go who has a keen sense of aesthetics. Together they selected tiles for the frame of the stones. For each parish they chose different colors of tiles, to make the structure elegant and attractive. God blessed them with three loving children: Peter Kim (international music awardee), Michael Edison (lector, interior design, gymnastics) and Sophia Laraine (international awardee of art).

During the last three years (2017-19), Mr. Go’s family has donated and built prayer stones in twenty-two parishes. The first one was built in the Carmelite monastery. Many visitors started copying these prayers.

When Mr.Jun and Mrs. Rosy Padios, who are active couple in Sacred Heart parish, showed the prayers stones to the Bishop Most Rev. Afable, he liked them so much that he personally requested us to install them in his cathedral parish at Digos. He personally blessed them on the feast of Mary Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8th. 2018 and said aloud all the prayers together with parishioners present. He generously gave imprimatur for these prayers and ‘Children of Mary’.

Originally they were written and received bishop’s permission of Imprimatur in India.

Mr. Rudy Darang and his dear wife Mrs. Nancy were very kind to coordinate with the parishes. They also prayerfully and patiently followed the work progress regularly. They generously printed in their San Jose printing press (Phone 2286855), prayer cards for marriage, conception, children, families and ‘Children of Mary’ to be donated among the parishes and schools. God reward them providentially for all the sacrifices they make to serve our parishes and society.

Our society is prosperous and peaceful when our families are happy. Families are holy when couples marry God-given spouses with the Sacrament and conceive children with prayer, love and a healthy lifestyle. Our prayers on these granite stones serve as a means to create loving families and healthy societies.

God bless and reward Mr. Go and Mr. Darang’s families for their great generosity. May the Good Lord bless and inspire the parishes and families that kindly accepted them. God be gracious with all the members of the Ave Maria Holy Family members, Amen.

Ave Maria Holy Family

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