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Police on red alert ahead of NPA’s founding anniversary

The Davao Police Regional Office is in full alert status for possible attacks of the New People’s Army (NPA) ahead of their founding anniversary on Dec. 26.

Effective Dec. 15, Lt. Gen. Archie Gamboa, the DCPO acting chief, ordered has ordered all police units and maneuver forces to be on full alert mode to preempt any attacks on government forces and vital installations.

All station commanders are directed to recall all their personnel to help implement the security plan, which includes police visibility, checkpoints, more security on places of convergence.

“Well, we have our mobile units in the cities and provinces ready for any eventualities,” Escobal said.
“We have been receiving intelligence reports of threats coming from the CPP-NPA-NDF and we do not take those lightly.”

“This terrorist group has been known to launch offensive attacks against government forces, structures and even against common civilians,” he added.

It can be recalled that on Dec. 13 last week, a policeman and a 3-year old boy were killed in an ambush staged communist guerrillas, with the use of an improvised explosive device, in Borongan, Samar.
Six other police officers were also injured while several civilians were wounded on the said attack.

“This proves they don’t respect human rights and have no regard for the lives of others including that of an innocent child. They have no conscience. Nevertheless, we have always observed active defense at the stations and have our mobile units continue to have active support to the AFP in going after terrorists and insurgent groups,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Police Regional Office XI encouraged the public to be vigilant and help the government by reporting to authorities any suspicious individuals and activities in their areas.

“We call on our people to be wary of the pattern of deception of the communist NPA terrorists, to be proactive and to be part of the conscious effort to deny them of the chance to regain strength,” RD Escobal further said.

All the same, he said the PNP still welcomes them into the folds of the law, so they can come home and spend Christmas with the families.

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