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Honoring my Mother | Distinctly fiesta

My son, known in the fam as one of the most avid pasta-man ever, had asked out loud one time, why does spaghetti taste better on special occasions than when you are having it during ordinary meals? Great question, but as useless, the father had no answer then. Suffice to say, I know the feeling.

If one were to sample lechon for example, on any given day of the week, it may just taste like your usual lechon fare. The brain, with its vast databank and memory, will instantly conjure up the specific smell and taste of lechon for you upon demand. However, try to input lechon again, but this time, served during a birthday celebration (or any specific occasion, such as a Christmas party) and what have you got? The carnivore brain will instantly translate it and spell s-p-e-c-i-a-l, in all caps.

Whether one agrees or not, that is the primitive response during these occasions; to give pasta or lechon the kind of “presentation” (the favorite term used by would-be food preps) whereby they become simply more delicious . However, with taste buds understandably revving extra-sensitive, and the anticipation of a feast bringing out the caveman instinct no matter how civilized you are, red flags at this yuletide season will again wave boldly, so beware.

For fellow alcohol-drinking buddies, remember, while it is true that your taste buds may become anesthetized in our special sessions, it’s always the brain that will dictate and say: the fiesta food is great, eat. For the children and millennial’s, the temptation of sweets, like candies, cakes and ice cream will particularly be strong this season. It will tempt one to indulge, because it only happens at Christmastime.

On the whole, this is not meant to burst everyone’s bubble, but studies indicate December is watch-your-heart month. For others, it may just be
the simpler case of watching your diet and your figure which is tame . For all, it is truly, the month of “you better watch out, you better not cry, chuchu-wariwap, I’m telling you why”.
So, why does pasta taste better when there’s a special occasion? Watch your language, young man.

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