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Cybercrime unit to trace ‘white van’ hoax source

The Anti-Cybercrime Group is looking for any digital trace of anybody in the city spreading false information concerning a white van abducting kids and teens.

According to Lt. Col. Noel Silvoza, Davao City Police Office deputy director for administration, those who are caught spreading false information will face a legal charge.

“No single report about white van incidents has been received by any police stations in the city,” the deputy confirmed.

However, he said the DCPO is doing its due diligence to make sure nobody from the city is responsible for spreading the hoax, causing panic to the public.

“Based on the reports, not a single person was reported missing. So, please stop sharing false information.

The city is safe from any threats as we are on our maximum security. I am encouraging everyone to be responsible in sharing information. You may cause public alarm because of irresponsible posting and sharing,” he said.

He also reminded the public to verify the information yet with the proper agencies before sharing.

Recently, the Manila Police District has declared as “fake news” the video circulating online showing a white van with alleged organ harvesters snatching a teenager standing on the sidewalk. The Philippine National Police has validated the alleged kidnapping incidents. The videos caught in CCTV, which was released on the same date in April 2019, was just a prank video of teenagers “having fun.”

Meanwhile, in Danao City in Cebu, a 21-year-old student was arrested and charged with alarm and scandal for spreading the false news about being a near-victim of abduction.

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