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Honoring my Mother | Sending a strong signal to shop

With less than three weeks before Christmas, planning the foods to be served on that fated day (plus New Year’s eve) take on military or commando precision. With the type of dishes already determined, a comprehensive strategy is laid out by the OIC (more like OC) in the house and slowly, we buy the ingredients a little at a time, as early as November.

We likewise store other food stuff like pasta and canned goods that we would be bring to relatives during the Yule break, as we cook our specials during our visits, and not bother with buying there.

However, this year’s three weeks notice doesn’t even really hack it. So little time. In the previous years, all the food stuff needed had already been bought much earlier, and in those instances, we only went out for groceries if we missed or added minor items on our grocery list.

The reason for the early purchases was simple enough: by the second and third week of December, practically all the stores are already jam-packed with shoppers. Also taken into account, is the busy schedules that define December, with parties and reunions galore, meshing and often contradicting with the schedule of work activities and deadlines.

Lastly, there is the monster jam in the streets, almost all hours of the day, to consider. With the traffic almost to a standstill and the rarity of taxis at these times, it’s much better to stay home and wait it out past rush hours, but then that already would have been too late for groceries. At least, that is how it is, according to my working-class heroes in the house.

Then, a lightbulb moment. We read on the net that our favorite grocer located just a few miles away offer online grocery shopping and delivery at a minimal cost! That meant we wouldn’t have to fight our way through our rival Christmas shoppers anymore.

A good thing indeed, especially for someone used to queuing in the senior lane where, as luck would have it, I have always had the misfortune of being stuck in long lines of grumpy old and older folks who demand the moon and the stars plus other extra-terrestrial service.

Online grocery had actually been around for a long time, but our level of savvy had been (still is) sadly much slower than PLDT’s pawikan services. I for one, thought that it was the latest thing, someone told me otherwise. Everyone has really got to try it though.

Once you have emailed your order, they call to confirm, then two or three days later, they call again to make you’re in the house when they deliver. No fuss. Just remember these things during all your net purchases. Kneel down, bow your heads, and plead with your WiFi: Be strong.

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