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Random Thoughts | Three gathering “perfect storms” in our country

Attention: People of the Philippines

“The voters cast their hopes and fate on Duterte who promised to reform and transform Philippine society and politics. We still have to see dramatic transformation.. Duterte has achieved numerous quick-fix changes… but has, thus far, not reformed the ethos of the people or the structure of Philippine politics (and economic system) which has become the deterrent to progress. Three years to go.” (Hector R. Villanueva, “Breaking away from the past” Chaff from the grain, Manila Bulletin, October 1, 2019).


Villanueva added: “To achieve a First World economic status, one has to get out of the box and boldly striking out the future.” He cited China, South Korea and Vietnam as examples of “devastated countries that, like the phoenix, rose from the ashes.”

Undoubtedly, we currently have a very sick and unjust society courtesy of Filipino imperialists-our oligarchs, unconscionable elite, greedy big business people, corrupt traditional politicians and their cohorts – who control of our political and economic lives.

To compound our present predicament, three gathering “Perfect Storms” are in our political, radar namely: 1) Possible revival of the “One People Mindanao” secession movement, 2) Financial crisis due to Supreme Court’s ruling that the share of LGUs “in state revenue should be 40 percent of all taxes collected by government agencies to take effect starting 2020”, and 3) the entrance of narcoterrorism in the country.

If these three gathering, “Perfect Storms” are not properly addressed before President Duterte’s term ends, these will blowup at our faces in 2022 adversely affecting the administration’s national candidates in the coming presidential elections and wreak havoc to the whole nation.

Unfortunately, President Duterte’s Cabinet seems at a loss on how to effectively confront these three incoming “Perfect Storms.” A recent newspaper Editorial commented on this issue: “Whatever option is chosen by the government, it should be made as soon as possible, and the stakes explained to the public clearly and persuasively, to prevent a fiscal crisis that could halt the economy’s growth (adversely affect our security and revive the secession of Mindanao). Since none of the proposed solutions can be done overnight, the best time to start is now.”

The three options being considered by Malacañang financial team, we think, will not work. A mishandling of this looming fiscal crisis could also trigger a “revolt” of our LGUs. Remember “all politics are local.” On the other hand, a no Federal scenario during the term of President Duterte could most probably lead to the revival of the Mindanao secession movement. Hence, our people better brace themselves to these three gathering “Perfect Storms,” and may God help the Philippines if our leaders dilly-dally in coming out with the “win-win” solutions on these trying issues.

What about Congress? Can we rely on Congress to really weather these incoming, “Perfect Storms?” No way? They have their own hidden agenda to protect their respective selfish political interests based on their current actuations.

Let’s not go around the circle concerning these very serious threats to our people and nation. Let’s go straight to the point. There is only one viable option to effectively face these incoming “Perfect Storms” (The antidote to Mindanao secession, this possible financial crisis and narcoterrorism) is for our people to exercise next year 2020 “Direct Democracy” merely for the purpose of an honest-to-goodness Constitutional Reform to adopt truly inclusive political and economic systems in the Philippines. The People’s Mandate for President Duterte to save our country from being broken up by Mindanao secession, liberate our people from the clutches of Filipino imperialists, effectively address narcoterrorism and ultimately heal our sick society is badly needed.

The adoption of a highly decentralized Federal System with financial sharing of 40-20-40 scheme and a Modified Social Market Economy that liberalize our economic system while ensuring social safety nets, social security and social welfare are imperative. In addition, let’s also go for the strengthening of our political party system that includes banning of political dynasties, reforming our messy partylist system and other electoral reforms such as addressing vote buying and selling – and further modernizing our security forces applying the whole-of-nation approach.

“Talagang ayusin na natin ng husto an gating bansa sa tunay at malawakang pagbabago!” However, only President Duterte can do this with his high trust rating, spirit of “tapang at malasakit, his strong political will, his transformative leadership, with People’s Mandate for real Social Change and with the support of the “protectors of our people and state” – meaning our military and police forces. Only a “radical political surgery” can heal our present “cancerous” society. Let’s demand for this change! Let’s support this change “from the root”.

“PH needs a revolution”, recently wrote foreigner opinion – writer Peter Wallace, meaning a real Social Transformation that involves” a complete change, e.g. in outlook, social habits or circumstances, and radical change in government.” The current system hasn’t work. Rodrigo Duterte was elected President with the promise of a revolution in government to make it work. Can he affect it? “We say yes he can and yes he will!”

In doing this transformative option, let’s be guided by our Shared Vision and Mission below:
Vision: “A Nation of God-loving people, united in diversity, with full democracy, diamond-shaped just society, sustainable prosperity and lasting peace.

Mission: “Pursue real social transformation through human development and rebuilding of our nation.

To sum it up, this is our humble out-of-the box proposal to effectively address the three gathering “Perfect Storms” that could hit our country after the term of President Duterte. All these looming crises must be properly handled. The best way is to prevent their happening we say. How about our readers/ Do you have more superior ideas than what we are recommending? Let’s hear them. Time is of the essence here. Our people should not take these three gathering “Perfect Storms” for granted for obvious reasons. This article serves as a warning signal of three possible catastrophic events, in the Philippines. May God guide and help our people in confronting these disastrous threats.

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