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Scene City | Tagurano, a highland getaway

PWC High School Class ‘62 at the final resting place of the late Judge Washington Ibarreta

Phillippine Women’s College of Davao High School Class ‘62 and PWC HS Class ‘59 found an opportunity to meet for a brief lunch at the cool mountain vacation house of the late Judge Salvador “Watting” Morada Ibarreta Jr. in Tagurano, a place we have not gone to since we were in grade school. It is just a few minutes from Eden Nature Park and Resort, but it was the first time we were invited by the Ibaretta siblings, Aurora “Loly”, Delia and Tony.

This vacation hideaway was built by “Watting”, youngest of the Ibarreta siblings, which he started to build while he was serving as Judge at the Regional Trial Court. Out of his monthly pay, according to his sister Delia, he acquired the land and gradually built a house where he planned to spend his retirement days. Sadly, Judge Ibarreta passed away in 2018 at age 68 from illness that could not be cured, even after being hospitalized in New York.

PWC High School Class ‘59 relaxing on the couch on the second floor of the vacation house.

Today, the siblings take good care of the property which has become a legacy of Watting. PWC High School Class ‘62 held an early Christmas Party hosted by Loly and her husband Barrie Mirkin and PWC High School Class ‘59 was hosted by Delia Ibarreta Buencamino, whose birthday was on November 3, but which was reset as she and her her husband Tony were in Spain with their daughter and her family at Santiago de Compostela. Tony Ibarreta was around with his wife and daughter to spend the day with us.

PWC High School ‘62

The cool mountain air of Tagurano was inviting, difficult to leave behind, since going back to the downtown area meant feeling the biting heat at noontime and early afternoon. Bonding with the high school class was filled with warmth as we were all close to each other at the PWC of Davao where we spent happy days and unforgettable memories with our schoolmates.

High School Class ‘62 at the balcony with host Loly

We look forward to more opportunities to drive to Tagurano in the days to come. Meeting friends from our early high school days.

Photo credits: Lillian Abella-Robillo


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