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Señor Moments | Peace Economy launched

Our 2 Indays, Mayor SARA and peace adviser IRENE (with other stakeholders like Benjie Lozada, Fr. Joel Tabora, NCCC, Helen Farms, Paquibato’s Jessie Areja) recently launched “PEACE ECONOMY” program at AdD’s Finster Hall on Nov 20. This program promises to create equal opportunities by directly linking Paquibato farmers’ produce with NCCC supermarkets and the buyers of the restaurant and hotels. By bypassing the traditional “middle-man”, the farmers are assumed of higher farm-gate prices. The new business model which matches DEMAND (i.e. buyers) with supply (i.e. the farmers) with a social entrepreneur (NCCC/Helen Farms) may be one of the innovations to uplift our farmers to the middle-class – from historic poverty. The overall, Davao’s peace initiative “PEACE 911” resulted in ending the decades long armed conflict between the communist NPA’s and our government in Paquibato, this success full program will be expanded to Marilog, Toril, Calinan, Tugbok (and why not nationwide?) Ending the killings, the violence, and the battles is one thing – but SUSTAINING the peace is another challenge. But we believe that sustaining an equitable livelihood which minimizes, if not eliminates, poverty is the lynch pin of our peace initiative – and this we call a “PEACEFUL ECONOMY”

Leila de Lima: it’s time to try her in court – so if guilty, jail her for life. If not, free her and let her earn her pay as senator. Then charge her for SEXUALLY HARASSING Jonel, Ronnie, and her bodyguards! Leni: PRRD as her appointing boss, can fire her at ANYTIME for ANY REASON (unworthiness, incompetence, even a “WHIFF)” of yellow turd.

Vaping may not be as harmful as smoking but it’s NOT “harmless” so it should be regulated like smoking (Php 10T fine, designated areas only, at home). The best alternative to smoking is not vaping – it’s STOPPING!

58 men and women, including journalists and Mangudadatu women-relatives were brutally shot and killed by about 180 policemen, CAFGU, bodyguards led by UNSAY MANGUDADATU – but allegedly planned by Andal SR., Zaldy, and other Ampatuans. It’s really a fact that Filipino court-justices grinds exceedingly slow (10 YEARS+ ) resulting in justice denied. The only consolation is that the Ampatuans (Andal JR., Zaldy) have been incarcerated – while Andal SR., the patriarch died in jail of illnesss (GABA). Any judgement less than GUILTY and life sentences will not be acceptable. How this judgement took 10+ years is beyond common sense – only INDAPILIPPINES


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