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City allows vendors to earn more this Xmas

The city government will relax the rules for the ambulant vendors to earn more this coming holiday season.
“There will be a specific time for double side vendors, from Dec. 1 to 30. But sometimes, some were extended until January 2. That’s the only duration we can allow them,” Paul Bermejo, the chief of the Ancillary Service Unit, said.
The areas initially identified by the ASU where the vendors can set their stalls are some areas in San Pedro and Ramon Magsaysay streets, as well as in public markets.
However, they are prohibited from covering the sidewalk in Gaisano Mall along J.P. Laurel Street and GS Gaisano in Ilustre as there are already vendors selling in those areas.
“They can block the people passing by the Gmall area, that’s why they are not allowed there,” he said.
There are two types of ambulant vendors in the country. The first refers to vendors who go around to sell their goods. They can either walk or use a bicycle or motorbike. The other type refers to semi-static vendors who put up stalls that can also be moved to another location, if necessary.
Bermejo, however, poses conditions as to the placement of their stalls. They should still comply with the one-third, two-thirds rule, which means they should only occupy a third of the sidewalk, so there is still space for pedestrians to pass through.
The stalls should not be set up on the street where they can disturb motorists and put themselves in danger.
Vendors planning to place their stalls in the market should respect legitimate business owners. As Bermejo said, “They have been paying the right amount to the government, have business permits, and have rents.”
Vendors should place their stalls where they can’t block access and frontage of the legitimate business.
“Many have complained about these vendors sometimes covering the frontage of their establishments. It’s not right to place your stalls that would be inconvenient to the legitimate businessmen,” he said.
He said they will monitor the vendors regularly to make sure they comply with all regulations. Violators will be ordered to vacate the area. “We will be checking them from time to time,” he said.

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