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Random Thoughts | Are Civil Service and UP in Quandary?

“A country will not progress if, as in the distant case, it assembles its best minds and then allows the masterpiece they had created to be replaced by a counterfeit.” (Hermenegildo C. Cruz, “how CSC dismantled our merit system” Commentary, Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 23, 2019)


Per info, the Civil Service Merit System was formulated by very knowledgeable and competent Filipinos some of them were Rafael Salas, Armand Fabella, Onofre D. Corpuz and Abelardo Samonte; all with advanced degrees from universities here and abroad. This “merit system is based on the structure laid down in the 1972 Reorganization Plan which became Presidential Decree No. 1. This plan was the basis for PD 807, The Civil Service Decree of 1975.”

Cruz pointed out: “Unfortunately, this is not the merit system that is in operation today.” Why? This is supposed to be a law!. Who, in God’s name amended this? Per Cruz, a certain “no heard” Assistant Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission Rogelio Limare “crafted his version of the merit system in only nine days.” Can the CSC legally do this?

Our Congress better look into the soonest. The issue is: “Does the CSC have the power to extend the services of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) upon reaching the compulsory retirement age of 65?”

According to Cruz, “Sen. Leticia R. Shahani, sponsor of Republic Act NO. 7157, stated that the provision on the compulsory retirement of DFA personnel upon reaching age 65 was to prevent the DFA from developing into gerontocracy of overage officials… DidLinare consult the congressional record when he made his ruling? It is a grave misconduct for a bureaucrat to implement the law contrary to the wishes of Congress. If Linare did not consult the records, then his action is gross negligence, given the far-reaching effect of his ruling on our merit system.

Is this another gross negligence case similar to GCTA (Good Conduct Time Allowance) of the Bureau of Correction (BOC).? “Sa BOC ay mapagkawala, itong sa CSC ay ayaw magpakawala! Parehong pwedeng abusuhin, diba?”

“Is the University of the Philippines going to pot? Not as in marijuana, Reader. Whether, as in losing all its good qualities, because no one is taking care of it. As in becoming worse, or spoiled, because of lack of care of effort. If it is, is the UP Board of Regents (BOR) part of the problem, or will it be part of the solution?” (Solita Collas Monsod, “UP Beloved is in trouble,” Get Real, Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 26, 2019).

Yours truly, my two daughters and (Summa Cum Laude in Engineering) son-in-law (ang yabang ano?) are members of UP alumni. Certainly we are very much concerned with our Alma Mater’s interests. Per Monson (perhaps a UP alumna, too), that (some) “heads of the UP regents (are playing) politics above the university’s interests. (Hence UP Beloved is in trouble.”
Monsod cited two recent cases which led to her serious accusation of wrong doings of some members of UP Board of Regents – “Anon a bay an?!”

First. It is about the two cheating cases of Intellectual Dishonesty wherein the College of Disciplinary Committee decided for conviction and upheld by the Executive Committee of all deans and directors of Diliman. Per Monsod, “UP President Danilo conception on appeal of the respondents, reversed the decision is one case without deciding on the other earlier case. This reversal was not acceptable, either to the students of the University or the dean and faculty of the School of Economics and the University Council.”

Second. It is about the appointment of deans. “Again, the UP Diliman, University Council.. urged the UP President and the BOR (Board of Regents) to recognize the role of Dean as academic leader, first and foremost, and to respect, defend and uphold the recommendations on the selection of Dean emanating from the collegial , participative and faculty – lead processes of Constituent Units of the University”. However, the BOR disregarded such laudable selection process and did their own thing even choosing some deans without “scholarly achievements”. Are these true? The UP administration should better explain to the public ASAP what really happened in these two cases.

An education institution must set good example to the Filipino people most especially to its students. UP is an institution set for excellence not only intellectual but more so behaviorally. It seems that some members of UP BOR are allegedly failing of their responsibilities. To be fair, let’s hear first UP spokesperson on these issues before anything else. Monsod might also be over reacting in these cases, who knows?

Public discussion of issues is the essence of democracy.


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