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Señor Moments | National painting contest (Coco Life)

Lykka Pino-on, a 5th grader at the Magallanes Elementary School and one of the members of their art club and ukulele choir just won a 2nd place for the 2nd year in a row. Congratulations from the DAVAO

Art Federation!
Davao the Beautiful

Our city could be one of the most beautiful cities in the WORLD – not just Asia, and our city could be deriving most of its revenues from SUSTAINABLE TOURISM. Just consider that within one hour from City Hall, the city center, one can go to several beaches, go for a river cruise, go fishing in the Davao Gulf, spend the weekend in the cool climes of Eden or Marilog, and go hiking in Shrine Hills. We’re extremely lucky that God has endowed us with the most varied terrain with natural wonders. All we have to do – like the other known world famous sites is to take care of these. In the other countries and cities we’ve visited, the most exclusive and expensive real estate are those located on the riverside, the hill or mountain-side, by the beach and overlooking the sea. In Davao, these are occupied by squatters or informal settlers because of GOVERNMENT NEGLECT. What the gov’t – and these squatters – should realize is that their lives would be better if they lived elsewhere so that TOURISM can uplift their poverty.

On Ma-a road, there are old wooden electric posts that are obstructing traffic and pose a clear danger to vehicles. Our city government should DEMAND that Davao Light should remove these traffic hazards. Our city gov’t should set a good example by building a “pay-to-park” building near the city hall and S.P. in San Pedro or Magallanes sts. Parking there is the WORST in the city. “HOY! GISING!!”.
EQ benefit concerts

The band “ALTERED REALITY” jazz and rock band, spearheaded by their lead vocalist Tony Peralta was one of many bands that performed at 8 venues on November 15. These benefit concerts were for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in nearby south Davao and Cotabato. Chip Canonigo of the band ACID RADIUS was one of the organizers.

Similar benefit concerts were performed at MTS and at Bogs Serano’s place. Well done!

At Frog Kaffee (thanks Markus!) a surprise number were songs by a certain Amy and Ega – backed up by ALTERED REALITY well-applauded by the crowd.

If the drag queen is Vice then Leni is the Drug czar probably. Still bitter from his VP defeat, Cayetano says that Leni is ALL TALK for she wants to replace “Operation TOK-HANG” with “TALK-lang”. Let’s give her a chance to prove herself: her ideas about minimizing tokhang deaths of druggies and or Pulis; the body-cams; the collaboration with the U.S DEA; and the focus on the SOURCES of drugs: China and the golden triangle of Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia; and the validation of the drugistas population. These are all good IDEAS. Let me add: isolate the drug lords in the NBP – ship them out to the west PH Sea!

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