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Apostol: open more jeepney routes

The City government aims to open more public transport routes as the city’s main roads are now heavily congested.

Councilor Dante Apostol, the City Council’s committee chair on franchises and public utilities, said he will file a resolution directing the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) to study the possibility of opening new routes to decongest the main roads.

“This was requested by the executive department during the (recent) Executive-Legislative Agenda,” Apostol said.

The councilor from the second district said they aim to utilize bypass roads as alternative routes for public utility vehicles.

He said that bypass roads must be allotted with limited jeepney routes so that traffic jams will be reduced.

“We have already established bypass roads in the city, yet (those were) not still utilized,” he said.

“The advantage of this proposal is that franchise holders will be assigned to different alternate routes, then we can be able to use the roads as alternate routes,” he added.

The City Planning and Development Office has recommended mass transportation routes to utilize the by-pass roads after an initial study was conducted.

“We really need these bypass roads to be utilized as the city is experiencing congested roads,” he said.

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