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Tabula Rasa | Davao Art in November

Acrylic on canvas painting by artist Dinky Munda, Jr. entitled “Sarimanok” now on display at ‘The View’, seventh floor, Blue Lotus Hotel.


COLOR FOR PEACE is an art competition for NON-FIGURATIVE 2×2 FT paintings. There are 31 paintings submitted for judging. This competition was organized by Ega Carreon of “ARTISTS INITIATIVE”, supported by TABULA RASA whose Art Centrale exhibit space will be the venue, from Nov 23 to 30, 2019. A short program headed by Peace 911 advocate, Mrs. Inday Morada-Santiago heads the invitation list.
Here is Ega’s statement about the COLORS FOR PEACE painting competition:
Peace: It’s a dream, an outcry, a proposed deal. For those of us who live in constant threat of imminent violence through terrorism or armed conflict, it has become a kind of wishful thinking. Different sectors of society would define peace according to its social, political, or economic value, and so to this end many organizations (both locally and internationally) have engaged in peace advocacy programs to promote or defend their vision of peace. And yet when we look around our region, we can quietly agree that we are still far from reaching it.
In the art world, the idea of peace has been portrayed by two common symbols: either a dove or a peace logo. Both images have been so neatly packaged throughout the years that they have equaled to either a propaganda or a commercial trademark. As we continue to use such common symbols, we eventually lose ground in actively engaging people to question and seek for what peace truly is. One has to ask, are we still taking full advantage of what a blank canvas can do? The blank canvas is, after all, powerful: the image it creates can question, challenge, or create a vision of peace that people should aim for if only they were made aware of immeasurable value. In light of this, Artists’ Initiative will be launching an art competition called “Colors for Peace”. As artists, let us challenge ourselves to create an authentic artwork that awakens people to so much more that we can be and we can do for peace.


Pls. post on the “ART SUMMIT” FB PAGE your ideas, suggestions, proposed projects, questions, mission/vision, goals/objectives, etc. This will help us line up the topics for discussion at the Art Summit.
Here are some ideas for your consideration:

A. In 2020, a project the art galleries and art groups can collaborate on: an “ART WALK” to view the exhibits at all the galleries, museums, the street murals, parks, malls, restos, hotels. This can also include visits to ARTISTS’ OPEN STUDIOS.
This exhibit can be on a selected month and its focus can be DAVAO CONTEMPORARY ART. Let the Mindanao Art Fair focus on MINDANAO’s art & culture of the Moro & Indigenous peoples.

B. The 1st “must-have” in establishing an ART industry and a CREATIVE economy is a directory, a data-base of all PROFESSIONAL visual artists (i.e. those who create and sell art-works for a livelihood).

C. QUESTIONS: – will individual artists (not affiliated w/ an art gallery or an art group) be admitted as “MEMBERS”?
– No hobbyists or students?
– Any membership FEES?
– No. of group or solo exhibits?
– Body of work, portfolio?
Let’s discuss these issues and more.


1st TUES, 5 NOV. @ Park Inn
Presiding: Amy Cabusao, MT
Attendees: Vic Secuya, Ega Carreon, Perry Liquigan, Bridgel Razonable, Chip Canonigo, Bagane Fiola, Kenneth Ong, DM
1. CHIP CANONIGO: NOV 15 “PUB CRAWL w/ BANDS” at venues: DVO= 7, Calinan=2, Butuan= 1, + Cotabato, Tagum, Tacloban. These are “benefit” concerts for the earthquake victims.
2. EGA CARREON: “COLORS FOR PEACE” competition entries exhibit @ ART CENTRALE (Nov 23, 5PM to Nov 30). Non-figurative paintings – winners named Nov. 29.
3. VIC SECUYA: ART SUMMIT @ “Santuaryo”, Trinidad Hills MA-A, Nov 9, 8-5. Art directory of Davao’s “Professional” artists is being prepared now.
4. Supernatural film festival @ Cinemateque recently held. Entries from Japan, Indonesia, etc. were viewed.
5. EXCELLENT LUNCH provided by Park Inn.
Thanks, Thea Ledesma & Lish Babela.


This month, Tabula Rasa remembers Ging Navarro Descallar who passed away on Nov 13, 2018, the day after her husband, Daryl, celebrated his birthday.
She was a writer, a creative artist, a family counselor and an innovative educator. Ging was a faithful friend, a loving wife and mother who has shown her love for Jesus in many ways. We miss you Ging and you will always be in our hearts.

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