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Editorial | Keeping fit as a personal goal

The thing with youtube is that time literally stops when you’re on a roll watching videos that grab you by the throat. Those watching the health videos of Dr. Willie Ong, for instance, do not just watch one, two or three talk shows, but as many videos as possible. Many people now want to know more practical information about how to take care of their health, avoid lifestyle diseases and learn all of these without having to talk face-to-face with a health professional.

For those advancing in years, being healthy means keeping bad cholesterol at bay, ensuring blood sugar levels do not spike, maintaining a healthy heart – all of which require losing weight and a reduced waistline.

Proper diet and exercise, plus enough sleep may be simple enough but these are better said than done. The bingeing on food during the holidays have kept many of us fearful of the state of our health. Even those who regularly exercise admit to have skipped sessions due to the many functions and parties they have to attend during the season.

Doctors have reminded us not to indulge too much as the number of cases of hypertension and other diseases usually increase at this time of the year.

In the city, keeping fit through exercise has been trending. Sports activities such as running, biking or zumba have drawn many people of all ages. Some frequent gyms that offer various forms of keeping fit, depending on the level of one’s health.

We could not afford to be sick. Rather than spend money on treatment, it is better to watch what we eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should be the personal goal of every Filipino.

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