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Editorial | Preparedness is key

The series of earthquakes that hit many parts of Mindanao, including the city, must serve as a wakeup call for everyone to take seriously the drills and other activities related to preparing for disasters.
This is because a second may spell the difference between life and death of people, and those prepared will most likely be the ones who will calmly take the steps that will save them from the wrath of calamities.

In the past, many adults took for granted drills intended to provide them with the basic concepts of how to save themselves and members of their families in cases of disasters, particularly earthquakes. Aside from drills, other activities that they often ignore are those that intend to equip them with basic knowledge on what to prepare for in cases of emergencies, like the so-called preparing an emergency bag.
It is not a surprise that sometimes the young ones, most of them minors, are better in executing these protocols whenever there are calamities, because their elders always claim they know better, but oftentimes panic to the point of being exposed to danger.

It is, therefore, better to change paradigm as facing calamities is the “new normal” and it is imperative for everyone to enhance the knowledge on what steps to make in cases when, God forbid, these disasters happen. Constant practice does not only provide better knowledge and sound instinct, but also leads to saving life or lives.


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