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Software to help reduce work: exec

The Systems Applications and Processes (SAP) is proposing a software that could reduce work through data consolidation.

In the forum “Davao Smart Cities: The Future of Digital Government and Smart Businesses” at the Seda Abreeza Hotel yesterday, Edler Panlilio, SAP Philippines managing director, said the SAP software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system powered by the intelligence enterprise that gives people and organizations business insights and fosters collaboration among their employees.

“With Philippines facing current issues, such as the threat of urban decay that tolls heavily on the citizens and the state’s welfare, a Smart City can bring beneficial solutions in raising the country’s economy and elevating resource sustainability,” said Panlilio.

Panlilio also explained that Smart Cities are cities that are able to function well where citizens are engaged and the leaders make more strategic decisions.

“To implement a Smart City, a discourse on what is, its benefits and how will it be attained must be well-grasped. As another implementation of a Smart City is a steep slope to climb for the country, the aid of one another is a significant help on starting its course ,” he also said.

SAP aims to reach out to local government units (LGUs) of the Davao Region to be able to introduce the software that could help LGUs in ways.

The software can minimize manual processes such as computation and data reports. With this, people will be able to focus on other tasks such as citizen engagement and city services.

The recent forum also tackled the ways to improve citizen engagement and how a data-driven government can formulate and operationalize policies as well as provide insights on how to maintain a safe environment. It also provided opportunities for local leaders, regional government and guests to share insights with their innovative visions to the future implementation of Smart Cities.

SAP is eyeing the city as a prospect to conduct such forum and be able to propose this new technological software, following that Davao has jumped to one of the world’s one hundred super cities, as cited in a global firm called Tholons.

The city can become, not only improve its thriving business outsourcing sector, but also enhance its digital transformation specifically in public safety, disaster resiliency, quality of life and infrastructure.

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