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Police commanders given 3 mos. to clean backyard

The acting PNP director general gave regional and provincial police directors to clean their respective backyards or face sanctions.

Lt. Gen. Archie Gamboa said he would not hesitate to relieve the police commanders from their post if they failed to do their duties.

Gamboa graced the recent turnover ceremony of the Police Regional Office XI at its Bagani hall in Camp Quintin Merecido, Barangay Catitipan, Buhangin District.

The PNP has created the Integrity Monitoring Enforcement Group (IMEG) to help cleanse the force of rogue cops. He then urged the police commanders to take the intiative and investigate alleged wrongdoings involving their teams.

He said it would be a big slap on their face if the IMEG starts taking over.

“I am giving them three months and also to send a strong message. If I can relieve regional directors. I can easily relieve provincial directors and others,” he said.

However, he wants to respect the chain of command and all the regional directors to check their subordinates, and impose sanctions for abuses or violations.

“I will watch over them in the next three months. If they will not perform, there are many police officers aspiring to become provincial and regional directors so we give them the chance. If you lose the chance and you will not do your job, then others can come in.”

Also, Gamboa said that while the PNP is plagued with a negative perception, the organization itself is not tolerating police officers who are involved in criminal activities.

Meanwhile, the he said that after 38 years in service, he has deep knowledge on the issues that is hounding the force.

“But I assured the public that even if I’m just an officer-in-charge, I’ll do the best that I can,” he further said.

Gamboa then asked the publicto help the PNP in watching over the members of the force.

“Help us monitor the policemen,” he said. “Although we are not perfect, we will be good.”

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