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Garbage collection points to resume for WTE plan -Sara

The city government will bring back garbage collection points that are no longer practiced by some barangays.

“We have tasked all barangay captains to adjust our collection points to accommodate the garbage increase,” Mayor Sara Duterte said in her recent state of the city address.

“In these collection points, we shall locate our standard collection point infrastructure where the plastic bottles have their own cages, the sachets, wrappers, plastic bags have their own cage,” she added.

Biodegradable wastes will be collected by a separate hauler and brought to the compost pit operated by the barangay. The non-biodegradable wastes will be collected by the city and further segregated before dumped to the sanitary landfill.

The mayor also reported that they have hired a collection manager to “oversee daily collection and project potential problems to ensure that collection is adjusted whenever there is an urgent need.”

According to the mayor, Senator Cynthia Villar will help establish a standard collection point infrastructure and committed two compost machines, as part of the model collection point that will be installed behind the SP building.

All of these is set to be implemented in the coming weeks.

“We have received complaints on our garbage collection and we have set to implement mitigating measures in the coming weeks,” she said.

The mayor also updated that the City Environment and Natural Resources Office continues to rehab and develop the sanitary landfill by implementing cleaner and safer forms of disposal system. This is part of the preparations for the establishment of a waste-to-energy facility, which is in the planning stage. The initial location for the facility is in Tugbok District.

The city will also intensify the information and education campaign targeting households, offices, schools, and business establishments to involve as many people as possible. The collection points will pave the way for the waste-to-energy facility.

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