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Señor Moments | Jazz and art

“SUNSET JAZZ & ART” will showcase the music of the band Altered Reality headed by Tony Peralta; the artworks of Tabula Rasa; and the ambience of The View at the seventh floor of the new Blue Lotus Hotel.

This “By-invitation-only” event will happen on the 24th of October, Thursday, starting at 5 p.m. — in time for sunset. This jazz&art concert is just the initial salvo as other evening in the future are planned. ABANGAN!

There are several projects that will spur the development of our city into a “first world” category someday:

1. The P22.4 B Davao-Samal bridge is now at NEDA and scheduled to start in 2021. No more 1-2 hour wait for the ferry!

2. Solutions to our city’s Traffic crisis include: the city busses that will replace many of our ancient jeepneys (2020); high-rise “pay-to-park” building in strategic places — like the City Hall / SP area; Udena’s monorail project and the planned Mindanao Railway that will span from Tagum-DC-Digos; the ongoing coastal highway will provide an alternative route with a beautiful view.

3. The projected rehab of the DC International Airport will replace our “tiangee” into “Changi,” hopefully in the near future (2021/2). You know you’re back in PH when you use the CR @ the airport.

4. The Davao Gulf rehab — like Boracay, El Nido, Manila Bay, Pasig River — has been promised by PRRD. This will un-pollute the nearby beaches like Times, Talomo, and Punta Dumalag. Like Boracay, the “25+5 meter” easement rule will be applied, which means no buildings will be allowed within the easement. Twenty-five meters is the average of the high and low tide levels to the shoreline while the additional five meters is for the beach pathway. (The Seagull resto is very vulnerable).

5. While this is still in our “wish list,” a sewage and wastewater treatment plant is very much needed soon. Our canals, esteros, creeks, and the Davao River have dangerous levels of e-coli, which is threatening our health (polio, diphtheria, lepto, etc). The DCWD and its private partners should take on this project — if not our city government.

6. A “clean Davao River” can be an additional source of potable water — which will assure our residents with an alternative to our present underground aquifer drinking water. The Build, Build, Build program and rising population will require large volumes of water.

7. To establish a “creative economy” we need to encourage “strolling” on sidewalks so that the MSME’s (i.e. the non-mall based businesses) can thrive. If you look at San Pedro and Claveria streets, you will note that the buildings’ second floor hang-over the sidewalks beneath — providing a roof over the sidewalk. We should pass a building ordinance to make this happen.

The DCWD parking buiding will soon benefit their employees — and free-up the side-streets to ease traffic in 4 streets at Juna. Congrats!

An ART SUMMIT — a planning meeting is scheduled NOV 8 & 9 at Vic Secuya’s SANTUWARYO, Ma-a. This will be a pot-luck session where members of the different art groups and galleries (Bintana, Bai Hinang, Gama, Guhit PH, Piguras, Art Initiative, DVO Artists, Morning Light, Art Portal, Tabula Rasa) and our Fine Arts schools (UM, PWC, DCHS, Ford, Magallanes) can talk about the CREATIVE ECONOMY, ART INDUSTRY and related activities. An output from these sessions will be forming a FEDERATION of DAVAO ART GROUPS and GALLERIES.

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