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TF Davao requests lawmakers to pass law on ‘culture of security’

The Task Force Davao is proposing an ordinance to institutionalize a “culture of security” among residents to help bolster the anti-terrorism efforts.

Speaking in yesterday’s AFP-PNP press briefing held at the TF Davao headquarters, Col. Consolito Yecla, the unit commander, said the strategy will also be essential in preparation for the lifting of Martial Law.

“I will be submitting to the city mayor on how we are going to institutionalize the adoption of the culture of security,” Yecla said.

“The challenge in terrorism is not so much on the neutralization or the arrest of the terrorist but on the identification and detection of terrorist, ” he said. “That is why we strengthen the defense system through the culture of security.”

For instance, he said in Martial Law, the public present themselves for inspection but they want people to change their mindset. They don’t submit their bags for inspection not because of Martial Law but they practice a culture of security.

“So if the Martial Law is lifted, we won’t have any problem anymore,” he said.

Also he explained that the culture of security is more on long term and we should be prepare for the lifting of martial law by propagating the culture of Security.

“So, in our letter, we’ll be requesting the city government that the barangay officials will be involved in the propagation of the culture of security … the schools, even the churches and mosques are encouraged to participate, ” he said.

Mayor Sara Duterte has called on President Rodrigo Duterte to lift Martial Law in Mindanao. The City Council also passed a resolution petitioning the Palace to exclude Davao City from martial rule.

But Yecla said that the mayor emphasized that all security forces should remain in the city. Second, all security protocols should still be implemented. Third, all security plans should be supported by ordinances and resolutions.

He said Martial Law is only temporary but the culture of security is a long-term plan that will result in a more comprehensive strategy for Davao City.

When asked if the city is prepared for the lifting of Martial Law, he said, “I want to throw the question back to the community because the armed forces cannot only say that we are ready or not. So, if the people already embrace the culture of security, then I can say we are ready for the lifting (of Martial Law).”

Part of their proposed security measures is to create a two-minute security infomercial video to educate the public who frequent transport terminals, air and seaports, cinemas, shopping malls, and churches.

Also part of recommendation of there are events conducted here, they should have a security briefing first.

Based on the Task Force Davao recommendation, the ordinance on the culture of security shall include:

1. All barangays help in the propagation of culture of security (anti-terrorism forums as information dissemination, leaflets, signages and infomercial presentation)

2. Malls, cinemas, PUV terminals, airports, seaports, should show an informercial on the culture of security

3. All organizers of big events should include in their safety briefing the infomercial prior to the conduct of their event or show

4. All hotels, restaurant, convention centers, and other establishments should integrate the infomercial in their safety briefing to the attendees and staff

5. Encourage public and private schools to include security briefing in their orientations

6. Encourage all churches and mosques to practice and propagate the culture of security

7. All security agencies/providers must integrate a culture of security in their refresher training

8. All LGUs to become an active proponent on the practice of the culture of security

9. All AFP-PNP and other security clusters in Davao City help in propagating the culture of security in their respective areas of responsibility

Meanwhile, Davao City Police Office spokesperson Capt. Nolan Tagsip said they will always support the Task Force Davao in the pursuit of the security strategy in preparation for the lifting of Martial Law.

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