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Posts published in “Day: October 16, 2019”

CHO: Polio drive gets positive response

The City Health Office (CHO) said it received a positive response from the parents in the CHO’s call to have their children vaccinated on the pilot day of the “Sabayang…

Nat’l ID to help grow financial sector: exec

The financial industry is waiting for government to implement the national identification system to help grow its businesses, including in the countryside like the unserved areas of Mindanao. Mindanao has…

Honoring My Mother | Sweatshop of a mall

This is the life. Fending for family with the littlest wage that one receives from catering to customers, as well as other services under poor working conditions. Such is the…

Timesman | Parking fee

“BETTER LATE than never,” as the saying goes. Effective next year, the city government will implement the collection of parking fee in certain streets in the city. According to City…

Rough Cuts | HPBS: Will the city be the operator?

There will be 1,000 buses to replace some 7,000 jeepneys now plying the various routes in Davao City. This is expected to happen starting early next year when the High…

Amihan 2019: Art that flows

The Davao City National High School’s Humanities and Social Sciences strand of its Senior High School program showed a glimpse of the realities society faces through a theater program in…

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