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Plain and Simple | Thank you is a prayer

I write this on a Monday, not on a Sunday when priests, pastors, and deacons talk about prayer.

But it is Monday, and talking about prayer is most unlikely. But we say a prayer anywhere, anytime. So Monday should be a time for prayer. Not just Sunday but every day.

What makes me think of this topic? Because I saw a post on prayer- that we should ask the Lord till it is granted. It is as if, we must beg so the Lord will grant. What if He won’t grant it.?

This is my take on it. Prayer is not asking for something. It is a constant awareness that God loves us all the time. Prayer is an awareness, a constant awareness, of God’s love for each one of us.

Prayer is a constant knowledge that God is good all the time, that our hearts, young and old are forever grateful for this life, challenges included, hardships included. Prayer is a communion with God.

Maybe asking for favor is prayer, begging for answers is prayer. But we usually ask, but we don’t praise, we don’t thank Him. We beg. We ask in silence for this and for that. How many millions have asked the same?

I know we bargain with God especially when we are in a predicament. Most often we beg him, we knock His doors so we thought He will hear us.

But I also thought of a taxi driver who holds his rosary before he drives or when he passes a Church. But he does not recite his rosary. He simply holds the rosary and makes the sign of the cross.

This taxi driver surrenders his day to God. Lord ikaw na bahala sa akong adlaw karon. Please take care of me and my loved one. That is his prayer. And if he sees a Church, he drops by to say thank you.

And so I asked him. He said, “I offer my day to God. I know He will be there for me.” That is his faith lived through the years. Holding the rosary is his way of praying, of saying thank you Lord for this life.

Saying thank you is his prayer. Sincere and honest. Thank you is the simplest but it is the deepest.

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