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Posts published in “Day: October 15, 2019”

Plain and Simple | Thank you is a prayer

I write this on a Monday, not on a Sunday when priests, pastors, and deacons talk about prayer. But it is Monday, and talking about…

Honoring my Mother | Loudmouths and loose change

People riding private vehicles should never really complain that much about traffic because they fail to realize that just beyond their windshield, a few feet…

Timesman | Missing sashimi!

A week after the residents of General Santos City celebrated their annual Tuna Festival 2019, I visited the city formerly known as Municipality of Buayan…

Rough Cuts | Why it’s hard to let truth out

Last Saturday we were in our farm residence as we usually do during week-ends. We were tending to our ornamental plants within the house compound…

Mindanao getting P408-B from ODA

Donor agencies have set aside about P408 billion to fund development projects and interventions in Mindanao, a press statement from the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA)…

Gov’t action could harm banana industry: PBGEA

The country’s biggest banana producers are condemning recent moves by the provincial government of Davao del Norte to destroy biosecurity installations used to protect farms…

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