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Plain and Simple | News happening in the world

It looks like there are wars all over the world. Some wars are fought with weapons that kill, others with words. Still, others with ideologies.

Whatever, the reporters of news agencies are there to cover and bring us the stories. The stories do not inspire us to live better lives, but to challenge us to get involved and redefine our outlook in life. The challenge is so real and palpable.

CNN brings to us what’s happening in Yemen, the war in Yemen. Bombings in Afganistan. Deadly strikes in Baghdad (yes, your Persia in mind). The separatists movement in Indonesia. The pro-democracy protests in Hongkong that insist Hongkong is not China.

These and more stun and baffle your mind. It makes one think if there ever is a rainbow after the rain or an afterglow after a heavy downpour. Is there a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel?

But there is this news story that wakes us up, that challenges us, that strikes our conscience. The call of the young to take care of our environment, of mother earth.

This young Swedish Greta made an impassioned talk and pleaded among leaders of UN to give climate change the focus and attention. Her ‘how dare you speech’ was too powerful. Her ‘you have stolen my childhood’ oration has pierced the heart and ego of world leaders.

The world leaders except for Trump of USA who couldn’t care less about climate change reacted with caution as some of them acknowledged the Greta speech. How dare you and you have stolen my childhood speeches of a 16-year-old girl were piercing. It is hoped that the Greta impassioned speech won’t go to naught.

If you glue your eyes to news TV, you will see no hope but destruction. It looks like there are no stories of hope, that all around us are conflicts and wars. The world seems to be crumbling.

But purifying something like gold they said needs a lot burning and melting. Gold they said is tested by fire. Night they said is darkest when dawn is near. Philiosophy seems to give us reason to live, gives us hope. That hope springs eternal.

There is this story of a public teacher who walked so many extra miles to make sure she can provide for her poor students. There is this story of a Korean or Tawanese star who gives her life to protect the pengolins.

This is the world we live in. What is your take?

If you do not care with those news stories, you will be engaged in endless prattles of what is a better movie. Is it the Avengers final chapter or the Superman vs Batman thing. Or simply enjoying the Mobile Legend computer games for, after all, no amount of serious talk can change the mindset of leaders.


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