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18 ordinances up for repeal or amendment

The city council committee on laws, rules, and ordinances is working to amend or repeal 18 ordinances that are already obsolete.

Councilor Melchor Quitain Jr., committee chair, said at the sidelines of the regular session on Tuesday that most of the ordinances were enacted during the 1970s to 1980s. Some of the laws overlap with the updated ones.

“We have to repeal some of these ordinances because there are more updated ordinances available or some situations covered by the ordinance are obsolete and no longer applicable. These are already overtaken by events,” said Quitain

“Currently, we are working on making a code of ordinances. This is a book where all of the ordinances in the city can be found,” he added.

Quitain explained that the City Council already has an existing Code of Ordinance crafted about 10 years ago. “It’s about time that we update it. There are many new ordinances, as well, that are not yet published,” he said.

The Code of Ordinances will serve as a guide when other local government units review the laws passed by the Davao City Council.

“Of course, we have to put there only the ordinances that are still applicable because other cities may read the book for reference and if there are obsolete laws there, they may refer to it,” he said.

Quitain said they have weekly committee hearing to meet their target of releasing the Code of Ordinances within the year.

On Tuesday, lawmakers passed on third reading the ordinance repealing the “ordinance prohibiting the loosening or letting astray animals in the poblacion of the city of Davao, providing the catching of the same and impounding, collection of fees for keeping them during the impounding and providing further its dispostion when claimed for a certain period.”

They also repealed Sec. 5 of the ordinance prohibiting the selling of airline, shipping and bus tickets outside the ticket offices or official booth or places designated for.”

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