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Posts published in “Day: October 8, 2019”

2 suspects killed in dawn robbery

Two suspected robbers were killed after they allegedly resisted arrest and fought police operatives in Marfori II Subdivision in Barangay 9-A, Poblacion District yesterday dawn.…

Timesman | Why ‘Ninja Cops’?

The ‘Ninja Cops’ issue that continue to dominate the front pages of national and local newspapers after the Senate investigation unearthed the existence involved in…

Honoring My Mother | Argumentum ad senti

What really drives me bat crazy sometimes is these sudden flashes of sentimentality I hear in coffee talk nowadays (or anywhere where seniors converge). Reminiscing…

Editorial | Clearing the streets

We need to reclaim our streets. For years now, many have complained how narrow our streets are in the downtown area and how difficult it…

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