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Guest Editorial | BaiHinang Goes Pink

There’s a different kind of energy when women come together. There’s an innate understanding of one another, a genuine interest in each other’s stories, and a subtle yet consistent desire to nurture. Now imagine a gathering of women who are all artists…

This exhibit features 26 female artists of Davao City. Aside from the diversity of age range, these artists also have different painting styles. Some lean towards impressionism which feature impasto paint application and discernible brush strokes to capture the play of light on its subject. Others find their strength and preference in realism where skill and attention to details are at the forefront. There are also a few abstractionists in the group who enjoy playing with color, capturing the elusive imagery of emotions. Some of these artists prefer to express their thoughts through glass mosaics, relief sculptures and mixed media work. All in all, the Bai Hinang group of artists tell a plethora of stories through their work. These colourful stories are bound by one thing in common, the desire to depict beauty.

Women are instinctively drawn to beauty. There may be differences in aesthetic standards but this remains true for all women. This exhibit not only features the diverse skills that these artists have to offer. It also showcases the many ways in which beauty can be perceived. Some find beauty in motherhood, others in dance, others find it in the curvature of a woman’s body. There are those who also find beauty in the struggles of women and how resilient one can be. Beauty is everywhere but it takes a keen eye and open heart to see it. These traits are distinctly BaiHinang.

When a group of female artists do congregate, imagine bursts of energy, imagine color imagine beauty.

This exhibit is a part of Insular Waterfront Hotel’s Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness event. It also features a fine art photographer, Jeffrey Wee, as their guest artist.

By Amanda Fe Echevarria

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