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If there is truth to what the spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) was telling the public that the military never tolerated maltreatment in the organization, then how come that another student of the Philippine Military Academy – Cadet 4th Class Darwin Domitorio – died at a hospital on Sept. 18 due to alleged hazing?

According to Major Brig. Gen. Edgardo Arevalo, “Maltreatment or similar practices have no place in the modern, matured, and professional AFP.”

While this maybe a way of toning down the criticism on the academy, it is sending a murky message.
It can be recalled that hazing incidents in the academy were reported in the past. In fact no less Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, also a PMAer himself, admitted last week on television that he was also a victim of hazing during his training years.

Following the report of Dormitorio’s death, the top honchos in the PMA resigned from their respective posts while two other PMA fourth class cadets were reported confined and undergoing treatment in a hospital. Both cadets were complaining of pain in their abdomens also due to maltreatment.

“Since they (Dormitorio and two unnamed patients) are fourth class cadets, so they are all classmates in the PMA,” Arevalo said. He said that the AFP and PMA are both enraged by incidents like these and thus reiterates their strong and unequivocal positions condemning maltreatment.

I still believe that the investigation on the cases will unravel the truth and that the guilty ones must face the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, I would like to congratulate PMA Supt. Ronnie Evangelista and Commandant of the Cadets Bartolome Bacarro who both resigned from their positions. They are good examples as they are public servants who value “delicadeza” as the public seldom sees those in government involved in shenanigans resign from their positions even before they are declared guilty. Even those who are guilty use everything to defy the orders for them to leave their offices. They continue to hold on like leech in their seats.
But the Evangelista and Bacarro must be made to answer their actions, if there is a trace of wrongdoing, even if they have left their offices. Their resignation does not exempt them from facing the possible consequences resulting from the incident. They should also be made face the music like those who have direct participation in the death of the cadet. Let the law takes its course.


I mentioned in my Tuesday column the donation of the Steel Asia Manufacturing Corp. to the city government of some 330 units of steel plant boxes to beautify that portion of the Buhangin and Agdao flyover with the city providing the potted ornamental plants and maintenance.

While I congratulated the donor for its kind gesture in keeping our city beautiful, at the same time I also reminded our city officials to give justice to the donation by keeping the flyover clean and take care of the plants to live.

We should not be “ningas cogon” that after the ceremonial turnover of a certain project, the enthusiasm of maintaining it would vanish.

This donation of P3.5 million worth of medical waste sterilizer by Fukushima Industries Inc. to the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) the other day is also worth mentioning as the sterilizing system will help the hospital in the disposal of infectious wastes.

“This additional technology will help lessen the volume of wastes that we produce and ensure that when we dispose it along with the general wastes, it is no longer infectious and cause harm,” said Dr. Maria Elinore Alba Concha, SPMC chief training officer.

On this, I need not to remind the hospital management the importance of having the system always in good condition as our doctors and nurses in that institution can be relied upon as they know the importance of this system in saving lives of the people and as well as preserving the environment.
Thank you, Fukushima Industries Inc. at salamat rin po, Doktor!


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