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Honoring my Mother | The Art of not playing

I understand, blabbering and ranting about things is a form of release for most people, just like letting off steam, and in the middle of it, I would often just bear through it all. I know that there could be some salvageable substance in there which, in a weird sense, could spice up a good conversation later on, hoarder that I am. I just think, never mind if it may feel like a waste of time sometimes. Just put it on the tab of “there’s always a reason for everything”, and you will be alright. After all, listening is such good exercise, it should be relegated to an indoor sports or an educational art form. Surely, there is always a lot to be had by just being open to anything. Or not.

There are some particular instances however, exception if you will, when you just instinctively feel that someone may be talking way above his head. Indicative of this is when you find yourself trying hard to logically follow and not to be distracted by the amount of trash that is being rammed into your ears. That is usually the case whenever I read shout-outs by politicians on Twitter or whenever I listen to their interviews on the boob tube.

In normal and day-to-day conversations, one type of language, small-talk, commonly practiced by mortals like us, may appear superficial at times and useless except for breaking the ice so to speak, but it is definitely much better than the double-speak and vague jargon spoken by trapos ad infinitum. Understandably, during actual meetings and convo, whenever I hear ordinary people shape-shifting to that type of talk, I know it is time to check my phone and politely move away to a corner of the room.

What is it with rants and blabbering anyway? For one thing, coated inside these are opinions that intends to sway, and I have to always remind myself that once an opinion is let loose and you’re on the receiving end, it goes down a two-way street, and one can either opt to pass or to play. There are some who use opinion posts as bait, in order to fish for reactions or gear for a fight, so that I try so hard not to lose it sometimes.

It also depends on who is wielding it. Sharing your mind with friends and family may be all right, but not so with other mere acquaintances and strangers. This is especially so because once deep in the net, you click Send, it’s out there forever. It has been proven that digital trail, though mostly consisting of past internet engagements may be used against anyone, as is the case by some unscrupulous employers.

Nothing serious of all these really except to be wary. Once long ago, I mistakenly chipped in my cent’s worth of criticism on a thug baller and was instantly bombarded by a hundred haters. The net is indeed truly dark and full of terrors, haha. This time, I could just try the Sophie-Amalie method: she had said in a post…

Did you know that it’s actually possible to say “I don’t know enough about this to have an opinion”?

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