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Family Life | Understanding the Controversies Regarding the SOGIE Bill Part 5

This is the last in this series of presenting the controversies, questions, objections to the SOGIE bill. I have highlighted at least four issues in the past weeks. (1) The “equality” that the LGBTQ+ is pushing for will discriminate against the majority who accept them but do not hold the same views as them. It will particularly discriminate against persons, institutions, businesses and schools that want to teach biblical truths about God’s creation of male and female, the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman, and teachings against sexual immorality. If the LGBTQ+ person is offended by any of these, the offenders are stiffly penalized with paying from P250, 000 to P500, 000 or imprisonment of 6-12 years! (2) The ideological changes and activism are meant to liberalize our predominantly religious culture to conform to the global homosexual agenda that many other countries have bought into and are paying for. (3) The redefinition of sex/gender to accomodate the LGBTQ ideologies and their lifestyle and the push to teach these in our schools and to the children. Atty. Lyndon Caña of the Coalition of Concerned Families of the Philippines (CCFP) says, the SOGIE Bill is based on “feelings not facts, and in the bills facts are defeated.” Feelings of one’s sexual orientation, of one’s personal sense of gender identity trump biology. (4) There are already enough laws that protect everyone’s rights that the LGBTQ can use to fight any discrimination without the need for a special one just for them.

Even as this bill is being pushed the past 18 years, the LGBTQ+ activism has already been covering the grounds to make sure this bill eventually gets passed. Organized groups are going directly to cities and municipalities so that anti-discrimination ordinances are passed, with 11 cities and 2 provinces in 2015, and increased to 18 cities, 6 provinces, and 1 municipality and 3 barangays by 2018 (Manalastas pages.upd.edu.ph; Bilon and De Leon 2018, CNN). We will see more and more pressure put on other cities and barangays and provinces to do so as well. Atty. Jesus Falcis has even taken the case for same-sex marriage and want to declare certain provisions of the Family Code (such as, marriage is between a man and a woman) into the Supreme Court, although he failed for now due to technicality. The issue is that they will not stop until they succeed! With annual Pride March, Gay Parade, and events that highlight their fight, and with backing from financial institutions and Human Rights organizations and the UN, the LGBTQ+ fight is here in our shores to stay. Making it constantly an issue, such as in the case of Gretchen Diez in Quezon City, will heighten awareness and their need for so-called equality. They have a Mindanao-wide training for teachers in private schools on LGBT rights workshop this September in Davao city with free meals and transportation for participants.

One cannot remain ignorant, unconcerned, and uininvolved about these issues as the future of our society and that of the next generations are at stake. This is only a fight for equality, but rather for the ideology and way of life of a select few who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle and make it acceptable in all countries in a global scale.

So what are some practical things we could do? First, we have to make sure we treat every person in a loving way as worthy of respect regardless of “sexual orientation” and life choices. We should not be guilty of discriminating against, bullying with words and actions that will give them cause to become an activist if they are not yet in it or despite of it. If guilty, it is good to ask forgiveness from the ones you have hurt or offended and extend grace and love. Second, we have to read, research, and make a firm stand. Do not just join the bandwagon of “equality” without digging beyond the surface of what is being presented. With all that is available on the internet, one can read what are the deeper issues and agenda and the many effects and changes that other countries have to face and deal with regarding the LGBTQ+.

Third, if your stand is against the SOGIE and other bills that will be pushed that will discriminate others, act on that stand by helping groups, such as the Coalition of Concerned Families in the Philippines, that disseminate information and battle the issues to protect the family. Fourth, engage in prayer regarding these, as the battle is not just physical or people but spiritual (2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 6:12-13).

Join the Dawn Prayer Watch regarding ths on September 30, 5-7:30 am at Rizal Park, Davao.

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