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Timesman | Sorry, no dice!

We heard it first from President Duterte’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) when he admitted that the problem of illegal drugs still persists.

And now no less than Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Aaron Aquino while facing the Senate finance committee said that the current inventory of seized illegal drugs amounts to P22 billion, consisting mostly of P20 billion worth of “shabu” or crystal meth. The oldest haul inventory was seized in 2010, he continued.

Both statements of admissions from our President and PDEA head are quite shocking for us as I believe that they should be the last person to say that the government is indirectly losing the war against illegal drugs as they put themselves in bad light as the problem “persists.”

If Aquino’s report on the PDEA’s last inventory of seized drugs was yet in 2010 is accurate, then the agency’s haul by now must be doubled or more in value as almost every hour in a day all over the country, reports of apprehensions and killings related to illegal drugs continue.

And what to me may also be worrisome is the fact that our law enforcers are involved in the “recycling” of confiscated illegal drugs, according to Aquino.

Senator Franklin Drilon said the involvement of law enforcers in the “recycling” was already a problem when he was justice secretary more than two decades ago, and could undermine the drug war.

“As asserted by no less than the PDEA chief, there is rampant recycling. I am not very optimistic about the success of the antidrug campaign, in general. We hope that specific measures can be undertaken to prevent this horrible practice from continuing,” Drilon said.

Yes, I think so far this is the first solution. Complete overhaul and monitoring of law enforcers involved in the illegal drugs campaign so as not to give them chance to do an illegal practice.

The institution is not losing yet good men and women who can be trusted upon to carry the tasks assigned them.

Our police have so many in the likes of Corporal Joel Villegas who was given recognition the other day for bravery while doing his duty.

Villegas received the PNP Wounded Medal while recuperating at the Southern Philippines Medical Center from Brig. Gen. Marcelo Morales, regional director of the Police Regional Office XI, and Col. Alexander Tagum, chief of the Davao City Police Office.

Villegas was hit in the chest, head, and hand when a suspect fired at his team while conducting a checkpoint in Bunawan last Sept. 14.

If the PDEA chief believes he can’t do anything but just watch his men do illegal activity in his office, then he can resign and give the position to someone who can head the agency.


It seems that Metro Manila officials are now beginning to lose bright ideas to solve the traffic crisis that a lawmaker bloated the idea of prohibiting private vehicles on Edsa during rush hours.

Rep. Edgar Erice of Caloocan City proposed to ban cars off perennially busy thoroughfares into a “mass transport highway” open only to public utility vehicles at peak hours.

“Why don’t we prohibit all private vehicles from 6 to 9 a.m. and from 6 to 9 p.m.?” Only buses and other public utility vehicles should be allowed on Edsa during rush hour, Erice said.

This maybe a good idea, but for sure the Caloocan representative will receive an avalanche of opposition from no less his colleagues in Congress who will be most affected by his suggestion.

For sure public officials having 3 to 4 cars provided by the government with free drivers and fuels, courtesy of the taxpayers, will be the first to say NO DICE.

Who will drive for my children in school, to our kasambahay while marketing, and to our wives in going to parlors? A question Erice has to counter.

While the proposal is yet to be finalized, I remember a bill in Congress exempting motorcycles owners from paying road user’s tax and let alone private cars pay only. Tinunto!

As I am saying, the road user’s tax is for everyone using the road. Why exempt the motorcycles, are they not road users? Tinunto!


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