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Plain and Simple | Baywalk in Davao?

It has been my dream to see a baywalk in that stretch of Davao River from the sea up to San Rafael village in Maa.

It would be awesome to see the place teeming with people, foreign and local tourists. Business would be alive with more money circulating in the city.
Good news? It looks like we will have one.

In Baybay, Leyte, in Bislig Surigao Sur, in Iloilo City–all these places have one. People congregate in these places – a promenader’s place.

With this baywalk, the city can make more money. Big food chains like Jollibee, McDo, Inasal, JT Manokans, Starbucks, Habe at Kabe, Seven 11, Breadtalk, Eurobaker, among others, can put up their business in the area.
For sure jobs will be created, and families fed. Plus, we will have an attractive sight for guests and tourists to visit. It will be a place of convergence. Everything percolates here, not just coffee.

Baywalks are indicators of a well planned urban centers. It only shows that the city has urban planners who focus on putting order on the layout and landscape of the place.

So it makes me smile seeing a work in progress in that place in Gov. Generoso town. Davao Oriental. But we have to beg those families to transfer to a more safe place with the city’s assistance.

The baywalk is for all, not just for a handful few. Not just for people risking their lives in that bank of the river. But for all Davaoenos, guests and tourists. This means, I would like to repeat, more money for us.
I will unleash my huge and contented smile when work in that area will be finished. And everything is in place.

After the baywalk, the city or other entrepreneur can start a business raft like the one we have in Loboc River, Bohol. Tourists would love to a cruise along the Davao river.

In Melaka, Malaysia that Melaka River was turned into a tourism hub of guests enjoying the ride. Davao River is a lot better and for sure they will enjoy it here. For after all Davao is home to the president.

More activities in that river mean more visitors, guests and tourists. Believe me they will come rushing to sit there, take their coffee and food. For sure I would be one of them.

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