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GSIS folks want road street repair

Residents of GSIS Heights are asking the city to fix damaged streets in the subdivision.

Lawyer Martin Delgra III, the chair of Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), has sought the help of the City Council to do asphalt overlaying in the subdivision located in Barangay Matina Crossing, Talomo District.

Delgra, a GSIS Heights resident, initially addressed the letter to then Barangay Chair Cindy Colina-Sy in December 2017.

Approved by the City Council on first reading last Tuesday, Delgra’s letter-request was referred to the Committee on Public Works and Highways, headed by Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Jr., for the public hearing.

Delgra, speaking in behalf of the subdivision residents, said they are asking for the complete asphalt overlay of Eagle Street and the rehabilitation of a portion of Jupiter Street from Aquarius to Virgo Streets.

GSIS Heights, a government housing project that is one of the oldest subdivisions in the city, was built to provide housing units to pioneering national government officials and employees working in the city.

According to Delgra, the smooth asphalt overlay on Eagle Street “were practically gone and sharp aggregate are protruding.”

“We recall distinctly that the last time a complete asphalt overlay was made on the entire stretch of Eagle street was sometime on 1999, almost 20 years ago,” Delgra said.

Delgra also said that the stretch of Jupiter Street from Aquarius going down to Virgo Street requires rehabilitation because of the road’s incline and deep, extended potholes on the outer side of the road caused by the strong rainwater downward movement whenever it rains.

“Heavy rainwater movement has eroded the asphalt and the road sub-base, making it dangerous for both pedestrians and motorists given the sharp downward slope of the road,” Delgra described.

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