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New masterplan vs. city floods needed

A new masterplan is needed to control the constant flooding in Davao City.

“Many areas in Davao are below sea level, so if you recall five or six years ago, we had a comprehensive flood control project that was supposed to alleviate the problem,” PhilConstruct Mindanao chair Ramon Allado said.

Unfortunately, growth has rendered the flood control project useless.

According to Allado, local government planners should come up with a comprehensive plan now while the city still has room to grow. Also, the city’s problem is not as hopeless as what other local government units in the country are experiencing.

Allado said the drainage system is all connected, which makes it harder to address compared to the traffic situation.

“Water seeks its own level, if it has no outlet, it will stagnate,” he added.

The good news is that the problem can be solved. “For example there are canals that were not constructed well, then maybe we need to look into that,” he said.

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