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Editorial | Safety on the streets

We do not lack for laws when it comes to safety and protection of civilians. We often say the gap is actually in the implementation of the laws. Is it the lack of consistency of our law enforcers in seeing to it that laws are obeyed or are we so undisciplined that we need to see uniformed men before complying to the rules?

Just observe how we use the pedestrian lanes. Even if the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) has repeatedly announced it will implement the traffic ordinance, many still do not follow traffic rules even if their safety is compromised.

Pedestrians are openly defying the no-crossing signs and do not hesitate to play tag with oncoming traffic. And they cross everywhere!

The PUJ drivers do not fare better. They drop passengers unmindful of their safety, cutting through lanes to pick up passengers who also do not wait in designated areas. Our traffic is one great mess, not to mention hazardous, if you factor in the roads that are currently under construction.

The violators of the ordinance are pedestrians who cross the street outside pedestrian lanes; pedestrians who cross pedestrian lanes when the traffic signal indicates a red stop sign for pedestrians, or when the green light prioritizes the vehicles; and passengers who cannot wait for the vehicles to stop in designated loading/unloading areas. This also includes drivers who allow passengers to disembark or ride outside designated areas.

There has to be discipline on the road not only to avoid accidents and crashes, but also to make our lives less stressful. Rules are to be followed, not ignored.

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