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Timesman | Why exempt motorcycles?

I am not against the planned increase in the road user’s tax officially known as motor vehicle user’s charge (MV) which the House of Representatives announced earlier.

Even if I am opposed to it, my effort will only result to nothing as we all know that majority of the voices of the people in Congress are like robots. They obey without hesitation.

Take time to spend a few days in the US and you will know what I am talking about.

Anyway, the so-called road user’s tax may not affect non-car owners but only those with cars and other four-wheel vehicles, who would have more money to pay for it. Nakabili ng milyun-milyon halaga ng kotse, bakit hindi makabayad ng tax hike. Tinunto!

But being affected by the increase, I would like to ask Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, who chairs the ways and means committee, why he proposed that motorcycle owners will be exempted from the road user’s tax hike when his only reason for not taxing them is that there are seven million of them while there are an estimated four million owners of cars, sport utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and other vehicles?

I will not wait for Rep. Salceda to answer that knowing fully-well he is a traditional politician who knows that the seven million motorcycle riders are enough votes for his reelection bid. Never mind the four million car owners who may not believe in him.

And what is the logic of excluding motorcycles owners when the real purpose of the road user’s tax is for all motorists using the road? Kaya nga tinawag na road user tax eh!

And the congressman from Albay may not know that in traffic reports of road accidents all over the country, motorcycles are on top of the list, not to mention those involved in criminal activity using motorcycles with suspects running in tandem.

Salceda’s proposal not to let bikers pay taxes to the government may only encourage these criminals to resurface after their tribes diminished when the Duterte administration took over. They might think that there is a Salceda who is always looking after their shenanigans!


Edge EIC Tony Ajero posted this song composed by him on my facebook.
Nagulat ako. Tony can compose songs, but he is never a singer. I never heard him sing in all the years we know each other. We are opposite as far as singing in front of the audience is concerned. I am a singer. He is not, but now I know he is a lyricist.

The music is based on the original composition of American singer Lionel Richie’s “We Are The World” and Tony made his own version. The title, “We Are The Old”:

“Yes there are times/when we’re shopping at the mall/some old friends their faces we can’t recall/that’s because they’re dyeing their hair/to black or blonde to look younger than their age/we can’t go on pretending day by day/that our faces will never ever change/we’re now all a part of the “Senior” family/ face the truth/for the truth shall set you free.

“We’re the old/we are not children/we were young once/but are older now/start exercising/there’s a choice of biking/or hiking with our wives/it truly is a healthy way for you and me.

“Take care of your heart/select the food you eat with care/choose the ones that are cholesterol-free/the stats has shown us in all all/that we have read/and so we all must stick to a diet plan.

“We are the old/no longer children/tomorrow will be a brighter day/so stop daydreaming/there’s a voice/that’s saying/do something for your life/begin to do it every day/continuously/when you are in doubt/feeling tired and weak and old/but if you just believe/these problems you can solve.

“You’ll feel well/just exercise/and the younger you become/and live to be a hundred and one/let’s show the world/and our grandchildren/that we old ones can always proudly say/we’re not retiring/we will keep on working/and proving to ourselves/we’ll make this world/a better place for you and me.”
Tony ended his composition with this message to all senior citizens of the world::

“Fellow senior citizens, unite!!! Let’s make this our rallying cry. We still consider ourselves productive members of society.” Amen to that.
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