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Posts published in “Day: September 5, 2019

Editorial | Floods and leptospirosis

Those who are affected by flood in the past days have another concern to look into. The Department of Health has reported cases of Leptospirosis in the region and cautioned…

Plain and simple | News of the hour

If you read newspapers, you read news stories that will choke you, and most often will spoil your good day. If you watch TV, local, national and international, you drown…

Timesman | Why exempt motorcycles?

I am not against the planned increase in the road user’s tax officially known as motor vehicle user’s charge (MV) which the House of Representatives announced earlier. Even if I…

Rough Cuts | High tech trials and the GCTA

For the last many months vehicular traffic in Davao City’s southern and northern routes has been burgeoning into what seems to be its worse. But over the past few days…

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