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Steer clear of slimming supplements – dietitian

A nutritionist-dietitian has warned against slimming pills and products that drastically cuts off weight.

“The rule of thumb is that when you have to go on a diet, it is wise to seek advice from the doctor and dietitian,” Susan Bustamente, chief nutritionist-dietitian of the San Pedro Hospital, said.

The Nutritionist-Dietitian of Association of the Philippines (NDAP) has warned against diet supplements that are not supported by clinical trials and endorsements from legitimate organizations in Asia, Europe, and America.

“We dietitians believe that it is in organic food that is prepared in our table from our kitchen that has proper nutrition,” Bustamante said.

She also they recommend supplements to added into the dietary routine if they are certified by a doctor, scientifically proven, and supported by the Philippine Medical Association.

She said people who want to lose weight must consult a doctor first. Also, they need to check the label of the supplements to find if they contain ingredients that will endanger one’s health.

Vital organs such as the liver and the kidney are the first to be affected by some of these supplements. If not fatal, patients will incur medical costs that will last them a lifetime.

The NDAP, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Sept. 5-6 at the Apo View Hotel. The group will be conducting seminars and health-related conventions to discuss the new trends of clinical nutritional practices, public health, and the latest updates on health issues and lifestyle eating habits. They are also encouraging people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle to join the seminars to update themselves of the latest trends.

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